Ed Sheeran Gives Up Music Career To Be An Actor? Lands Role In New Medieval TV Series

By Mardielyn | 2 years ago
Ed Sheeran Gives Up Music Career To Be An Actor? Lands Role In New Medieval TV Series
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Ed Sheeran, who has always been very vocal about wanting to have an acting career but never got a chance because of his hectic schedule, now lands a role in a new and unnamed medieval TV series show.

Ed, who recently filmed his cameo role for “Home and Away” and has always been very vocal about wanting to be part of HBO Originals TV series “Game of Thrones” revealed that he will be having his acting job after July.

Though the singer revealed his future acting career plan to The Sun newspaper, Ed still remained tight-lipped about the other finer details about his new TV role.

According to the ginger-head hit maker he cannot say too much about the series or about his role because the pilot just got picked up, which he said was actually good. The singer revealed that he will be part of a medieval series show and it is really dark, in other words…it will be gruesome.

The 24-year-old Ed who’s been friends with the likes of Courtney Cox and Jennifer Aniston also revealed to The Sun newspaper that one of his friend wrote the story of the unnamed TV series. He also revealed that his friend once casted a musician in his last show and when he asked if that musician did an audition for that, his friend said no, that he just thought that he would fit the role and be good in it so Ed tried to ask if his friend can put him in his next show and now, here it is! He will be debuting as an actor soon.

Meanwhile, though we know how great  the “Thinking Out Loud” British singer is, Ed has always been so keen in showing off his acting skills. He even previously auditioned for a part on an ITV show, but sad to say, he didn’t get it.

Ed said: “I quickly realized that I can show you in 30 seconds how talented I am in music, but I can’t show you in 30 seconds how talented I am.”

It was music and acting audition and the singer himself thought that it would be fun to be part of it, he even got a chance to be in the final six.

Ed said to himself that if ever he got this part, “no more music, just acting” but if he didn’t “no more acting, just music.” And in the end, he lost the acting part and focus to his music that turned out so well!

Now, if you were to ask… what are your expectations to Ed’s new career plan? Will he be good or should he just stick to his music path?

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