Ed Sheeran Serenades Attends Wedding of Australian Couple as a Surprise [WATCH VIDEO]

By Florida Mae Acampado | 3 years ago

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One of the sweetest things a newlywed couple can do on their special day is to dance their day away through a lovely tune. But a couple gets a pleasant surprise as their guest wedding singer is none other than Ed Sheeran himself!

On Thursday, March 26, Sydney couple Matt and Kya Debono finally had the wedding of their dreams, but they probably never expected to also have Ed Sheeran come along and sing their wedding song for them, as it was all organized by KIIS 1065’s DJs Kyle Sandiland & Jackie O Henderson.

In the Youtube video’s accompanying story, it is revealed that more than a month ago, Sandiland and Henderson received an email from Matt, telling them of the dream wedding he has been planning with Kya all this time. The planning and preparations of the wedding didn’t come easy, as Matt was unemployed. However, things took a turn when Kya’s mother died. So, they had to indefinitely postpone their wedding.

Touched by the couple’s story, the DJ duo asked Matt and Kya to stop by their studio last week, making them believe that they are chosen participants for a new radio segment. To the couple’s surprise, they were actually given their dream wedding. With the assistance of the Sydney Bridal Expo, all the details of their wedding were taken care of. In addition to that, they also received a honeymoon worth $10,000.

But to add another surprise, Ed Sheeran was in Sydney for his national arena tour. Apparently, he had heard of KIIS 1065’ plans of organizing a wedding and learned that the couple is planning to do their first dance to the tune of his hit song ‘Thinking Out Loud’ He then decided to take some time to perform for the couple’s wedding, to a complete success. As seen in the video, the newlyweds and their guests were all pleasantly shocked upon seeing Sheeran walk in and step up onstage to sing for them.

Afterwards, Sheeran also had some photos taken with the couple. He then posted it on Instagram and captioned it with, “Just surprised this lovely [couple’s] first dance. Available for weddings, birthdays and bar mitzvah’s, contact your local super market for details.” No doubt, he was also very happy to be part of Matt and Kya Debono’s special day.

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