Ed Sheeran Shares Secret To Why He Performs So Well Onstage

By Ivy Candelaria | 2 years ago
Ed Sheeran Shares Secret To Why He Performs So Well Onstage

Almost all musicians have their distinct quirks when they give live performances. Read on to know more about how singer and songwriter Ed Sheeran manages to look so calm and collected onstage.

According to The Big Story, Sheeran said he discovered that he’s in top form after a night of drinking—yes, when he’s hungover. The “Thinking Out Loud” hit maker ensured to head out for drinks the night before his three jam-packed shows at Wembley Stadium in London the past season

“I don’t know why the best gigs I’ve ever played have been after real heavy nights,” Sheeran said. “I think it’s just because you walk onstage, you’re not complacent, you’re not onstage being like, ‘Oh, I’ve done this a million times.’ You walk onstage being like, ‘You know, I’m 90 percent the human I should be so I’ll make sure I give 115 percent.” he added.

The 24-year-old’s concerts at Wembley Stadium were recorded for an upcoming concert film, “Jumpers for Goalposts.”

The concert movie will debut internationally at London’s Leicester Square on Thursday, where Sheeran will also perform. “Jumpers for Goalposts” will be screening in certain theaters worldwide from Friday until Sunday.

“I just find whenever I’m on a British Airlines flight I always watch someone’s concert film and it always like, I was never really a fan of Justin Bieber, and then I watched ‘Never Say Never’ and then it made sense, so I was like, ‘Oh, oh. I get it now.’ “So I wanted to make a film that I could put on British Airlines flights and have Chinese businessmen like my music,” Sheeran said jokingly.

The UK-born artist credits the chance given to him to play Wembley Stadium to his achievement on Spotify. His song “Thinking out Loud” has established a record for being able to reach 500 million streams.

Spotify said he is in second place after Eminem, in terms of streams. Although, not all musicians are big fans of Spotify—case in point, Sheeran’s very close friend, Taylor Swift. Swift removed her songs from the streaming service last year. Apparently, the main reason why Spotify is not too popular with some artists is because they only get a small amount of royalty for their hits.

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