Ed Sheeran’s ‘Home & Away’ TV Stint [WATCH VIDEOS]

By Rachel Cruz | 3 years ago
Ed Sheeran’s ‘Home & Away’ TV Stint [WATCH VIDEOS]

After showing that he’s got the rhythm in his “Thinking Out Loud” video, singer Ed Sheeran is going to display his acting chops next. It was revealed that the star has just finished filming his guest appearance on “Home and Away,” a long-running soap opera in Australia. Read on for more details.

As reported on News.com.au, Sheeran was seen in the Summer Bay’s Palm Beach set of the series with actress Emily Symons. She  plays the adored Marilyn Chambers. They were walking hand-in-hand as the cameras rolled.

But while the exact details of what Sheeran is doing on a TV show have yet to be revealed, the British artists confirmed that he’s actually playing himself and so there isn’t a lot of “acting” to do.

“With acting, I would have to start at the bottom again and I wouldn’t be comfortable being s … at something, I would have to learn,” Sheeran said when asked to comment on his TV guest stint.

“I don’t think I’m a natural actor, I think I’m a natural me,” he added.

The chart-topping singer admits that he agreed to be on the show because “Home and Away” is an Australian institution and doing the part sounded like a lot of fun. This isn’t his first time on a TV series, however, as he has also been a part of “Shortland Street,” a show airing on New Zealand.

After filming his scenes at Summer’s Bay, Sheeran reportedly went to the studio to finish the rest of his scenes. The episode is expected to be broadcast on Australian television later this year. The international star is the only other musician to appear in the drama series, following John Farnham, who was guest on “Home and Away” back in the 1980s.

Meanwhile, Ed Sheeran remains in Australia for a few more days to finish his sold-out concert series. He may have to take it slow though, because he’s already feeling fatigued. In fact, he’s been advised by his doctors to avoid talking and conserve his voice.

Watch the video of Ed Sheeran filming his scenes in “Home and Away” below.

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