Eddie Huang: ‘I Don’t Care if People Watch Fresh Off the Boat’

By Kathleen Villaruben | 3 years ago
Eddie Huang: ‘I Don’t Care if People Watch Fresh Off the Boat’

Here’s some depressing news for “Fresh Off the Boat” (FOTB) fans. Eddie Huang still cannot get enough of announcing how upset he is for the TV version of his memoir. The trendy chef and “Huang’s World” host pointed out more of his disappointments in his “Real Time with Bill Maher” interview on HBO. Read on for details.

Huang is known to continuously rant about ABC’s highly-acclaimed sitcom, which is based on his life as a Chinese immigrant. Ironically, he is the narrator of the show. According to NBC News‘ take on Maher’s interview, Huang expressed that he does not care about the show’s success because it neither makes him “happy or unhappy.”

“I don’t care if people watch it or not watch it,” Huang told Maher.

To continue his sentiments about the show, Huang shared stories about his career, family and distaste with mainstream entertainment. He said he only wanted to share “universal White stories with Yellow faces, Black faces and Brown faces” to express “the same universal story.” Well, he should have thought twice in the first place because he sold his story to a mainstream family network. Besides, “FOTB” became a phenomenon because of its wide variety of fans, especially immigrants of different races in America. How can that be more “universal”?

Huang also compared the remake of his story to processing “GMO food” or genetically modified products.

“You go watch how these sitcoms are made, in writer’s rooms? They’re like labs, dude,” Huang told Maher.

The hip hop music fanatic argued that he actually shared the same sentiments with many Asian viewers. He explained that they are only doubtful of criticizing the series because of fear of losing another show with Asian lead actors. After the epic fail of the 1994 ABC sitcom “All-American Girl” with Margaret Cho, it took 20 more years to have another Asian-themed series in the form of “FOTB.”

Throughout the show, Maher asked Huang neutral questions about Asian practices, history and culture. Huang agreed to answer faithfully because he loves “representing an entire continent of people.” How humble is that? Leave your comments below!

There are no updates yet regarding “FOTB” Season 2.

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