Edge of Tomorrow Movie Preview [WATCH VIDEO]

By Hannah Aven Guarin | 4 years ago
Edge of Tomorrow Movie Preview [WATCH VIDEO]
Tom Cruise on MTV Live in December 2008

Warner Brothers Pictures present the sci-fi action film “Edge of Tomorrow.” It is directed by Doug Liman and is expected to open in U.S. theatres on June 6, 2014. Some of its cast members include Tom Cruise (Lt. Col. Bill Cage), Emily Blunt (Rita Vrataski) and Bill Paxton (Gen. Farrell Bartolome). Read on for the “Edge of Tomorrow” movie preview.

“Edge of Tomorrow” Movie Preview:

What would you do if you are given another chance more than once to live? It sounds like a catch phrase from a romantic film, but it is not. “Edge of Tomorrow” is a story about Lt. Col. Bill Cage who is once defeated by the Mimics but finds himself waking up over and over again and facing the same demise. He uses this to his advantage by getting better in each encounter with the alien troops. Each battle he engages in is an opportunity to stop the Mimics from taking over the Earth.

Set in a futuristic world, Mimics have arrived on Earth. They soon destroyed the cities and millions of humans are suffering from different casualties. The world’s armies joined forces with one goal: to defeat the Mimics.

Here comes Lt. Col. Bill Cage. He has never seen battle and is hastily demoted. Surely, it is a suicide mission for Lt. Col. Cage. It takes him only minutes before being killed by an alien. The twist is Lt. Col. Cage wakes up and is faced with the same war every day. He is trapped in a time loop. But instead of feeling sorry for having to die in every encounter with the Mimics, Lt. Col. Cage, along with Special Forces Rita Vrataski, use this to their advantage by finding out how to defeat the invaders.

In an interview with Red Carpet News TV, Director Doug Liman shared what he wanted to explore while filming “Edge of Tomorrow.”

“With a project like Edge of Tomorrow everybody wanted me to change it up. There was no pressure from Warner Bros to make this look like a standard studio film. They wanted to do something fresh and occasionally I’d pitch them an idea and they’d tell me it wasn’t ‘Doug Liman enough’. They meant that when people think of me they expect something more contrary and maybe a bit more rebellious,” said Liman in the Red Carpet News TV report.

And that’s it for the “Edge of Tomorrow” movie preview. Stay tuned here on Movie News Guide (MNG) for more previews and movie reviews.

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