‘Edge of Tomorrow’ Sequel: Here’s What Christopher McQuarrie Thinks About It

By Anshul Hardikar | 2 years ago
‘Edge of Tomorrow’ Sequel: Here’s What Christopher McQuarrie Thinks About It

“Edge of Tomorrow” was a step ahead in warfare. Pitting mortal humans against an invincible race of aliens where humans stood no chance, Major William Cage played by Tom Cruise proved to be an exception. Caught in a time loop, he was forced to live the same day and fight the same battle everyday. What if there was a possibility of seeing Tom Cruise do it again? Recent reports shed some light on the same.

According to Comicbook.com, when Tom Cruise was promoting his recently released movie “Mission: Impossible- Rogue Nation,” he revealed that he had come up with an idea for a sequel to his movie “Edge of Tomorrow.” The movie’s director Doug Liman, co-screenwriter Christopher McQuarrie and co-star Emily Blunt were the ones who heard the idea that Tom had. Christopher McQuarrie was recently asked about how he felt about the pitch and all in all about a possible sequel to the movie. The screenwriter mentioned that he was not really hell bent on doing a sequel but after he heard Tom’s pitch, it got him interested. However he was sure to mention that even though Tom and he are on board for a sequel, it will ultimately depend on Warner Bros., director Doug Liman and co-star Emily Blunt to make things happen. He also stated that at the moment, the idea is just like a seed and he will have to figure it out for some time until they reach somewhere. People on the other hand have been vocal in saying that a sequel for the movie should not be encouraged ever since Tom let everyone know that he has an idea for another installment.

Taking instances from other Tom Cruise starrer “Jack Reacher” and “Edge of Tomorrow” itself, Christopher stated that marketing was bit of a problem and he had to insure that he knows how to handle it. After having educated himself on the various nuances of marketing, the screenwriter mentioned that even if a sequel to “Edge of Tomorrow” is made, he would be prepared and make sure that the movie is marketable. Fans can for the time being rest easy and look out for more updates on the same.

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