‘Elementary’ Season 4 Spoilers: Sherlock’s Father Morland’s Arrival Is To Be Feared

By April Lara | 2 years ago
‘Elementary’ Season 4 Spoilers: Sherlock’s Father Morland’s Arrival Is To Be Feared

We all know that in “Elementary” Season 4, Sherlock’s father Morland will be present and finally, after years of just hearing about him, fans will know be able to see him and see his story. Moreland will be played by John Noble. And that being said, there are many reasons why fans should fear his arrival. Read on for more details.

Joan Watson may see Morland as a kind man, but fans should know that there’s more to him than kind. In “Elementary” Season 4, we will be able to explore the different sides of his personality and what will be revealed to us will shock us. In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, executive Rob Doherty hints that Morland’s character isn’t all “pretty.”

 “When Joan does meet dad, there will be some friction… when Morland arrives and makes a genuine and surprising attempt to help Sherlock, Sherlock has to rethink his relationship with his dad. As the season progresses, we’re going to see that Joan is worried that dad is a little more like the guy Sherlock has described, versus the guy he seems to be now. She’ll be keeping a careful eye on him.” Doherty said.

One of the best things about Noble’s character is that he can definitely play the part! He can deceive people with how he physically looks and how he treats them but at the same time. Also, his character will leave this air of mystery that suggests that something is more to him than meets the eye. And that is definitely one big thing to be feared most about his character when he appears on “Elementary” Season 4.

Still, Morland’s arrival on “Elementary” Season 4 will definitely make things even more interesting.

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