Elevator Incident Still Fresh in Jay Z and Beyonce’s Minds, Ask Solange to say Sorry in Public and In-Return Promises to Re-Establish her Career

By Poonam Singh | 2 years ago
Elevator Incident Still Fresh in Jay Z and Beyonce’s Minds, Ask Solange to say Sorry in Public and In-Return Promises to Re-Establish her Career

Fights between individuals are normal but when it comes to well-known celebrities fighting in public over something, it becomes an uncommon thing and a topic of gossip among people. Same happened last year when Beyonce’s sister Solange caught fighting with Jay Z in an elevator, remember that fight? It seems that time has come when few things will come to light as Solange is back. Read on for more details.

Yes, Solange the main person behind that fight is finally back. It seems that the incident is still fresh in the minds of Jay-Z and Beyonce that they asked her to apologise for it in front of the public even after more than a year.

An insider revealed to OK! Magazine that first time after the fight in May 2014 Solange, Jay Z, and Beyonce have spent some time together in the PR doghouse. The meeting was a platform through which Jay Z and-Beyonce asked Solange to apologize for that elevator fight in public,. It was in order to calm down the issue which is not on top of people’s mind now but gained a lot of attention among gossipmongers. They have given her a very good offer related to re-establishing her career too.

“The plan is for her to acknowledge the rifts have healed and that she was wrong to fly off the handle,” the outlet said. “She has Jay’s word that he’ll help her get re-established at the very highest level, and before long she’ll be a dignified and serious force in music again.”

Soon after the last year’s incident took place, the couple with Solange issued a joint statement in which they clarified that everything is fine between them. Nobody is holding any grudge against anyone but recent demand shows that they are still holding a grudge. And we can clearly make out that the incident is still fresh on their minds as recently, Beyonce released a remix depicting that incident, “We escalate, up in this (expletive) like elevators. Of course sometimes (expletive) go down when there’s a billion dollars on the elevator,” so on the lines goes.

Well, holding grudges are not a wise thing. So, we can only wish for their family to patch up and again establish a superb bond.

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Photo Source: Facebook/Beyonce-JayZ

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