Elle Fanning Cast as Frankenstein Author Mary Shelley in A Storm in the Stars

By Rochelle Paula Carino | 3 years ago
Elle Fanning Cast as Frankenstein Author Mary Shelley in A Storm in the Stars

The young actor who showed a villain the real meaning of true love, “Maleficent’s” Elle Fanning is set to star in the upcoming romance drama “A Storm in the Stars.” Read further to learn more about this scoop.

If the girl managed to win the dreaded heart of Maleficent, then surely, Elle Fanning will be able to win your heart as she plays the main protagonist, Mary Wollstonecraft, for the romantic period movie “A Storm in the Stars.”

As featured by The Hollywood Reporter, the teenage actress will be playing the person who penned the popular story of “Frankenstein,” Mary Wollstonecraft-Shelley. However, the film is set 10 years earlier before she was able to create the great literary piece. In the film, she will be playing the 17-year-old version of the author who goes through the tribulations of a cosmic yet passionate love affair with the 19th century drastic English writer, Percy Shelley, whom judging from the last name alone will turn out to be her wedded husband in the future.

“A Storm in the Stars” will be penned by Emma Jensen and will be directed by the pioneering Arab female director Haifaa Al-Mansour. The lady director was recently acknowledged in her debut film “Wadjda.”

The film is basically backed by an indie production that is headed by Amy Baer under the banner of Gidden Media. She will be partnering with Joannie Burstein, while Rebecca Miller assumes the position of the executive producer.

In the speculations stated by the Geeks of Doom, the creation of this movie will be what Fanning needs so that she can go through the transitioning stage of her career from a child actress towards the progress of a leading lady.

“Elle is amazingly smart and talented and very much relates to Mary as a young woman. She is going to do something extraordinary in this role that will transition her from a compelling young adult to a formidable leading lady,” explained  Amy Baer in the Geeks of Doom article.

As of late, the backers of the film are in the movement in finalizing all the essentials needed for the movie production as they wish to start filming in 2015. Frankenstein has surely garnered enough supporters over the years, and hopefully, they will be passed on to the behind story of the author prior to creating such a riveting literary piece.

That summarizes the latest update on Elle Fanning’s movie career as Mary Shelley. Tune in to Movie News Guide (MNG) for the hottest news in the entertainment world.

Photo Source: Wikimedia Commons/ Uploaded by Gage Skidmore


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