Elle Fanning’s Childhood Memories: ‘I Was Taller’ And Always Won Play Fights With Sister Dakota

By Sumeet Kaur | 2 years ago
Elle Fanning’s Childhood Memories: ‘I Was Taller’ And Always Won Play Fights With Sister Dakota
Elle Fanning

Elle Fanning, the younger sister of Dakota Fanning had never been plagued with the grown up sisterly rivalry thing and has some memories to share about their relationship with fans. As of late, the teen actress has about 30 films. She also acted in “About Ray”, directed by Gaby Dellal and has proved her acting prowess to fans and critics with it.

Elle Fanning, 17 had sibling advantage when she wanted to be an actress, as her older sister Dakota had already established herself in the industry. She got her first break in 2001. The film “I Am Sam” needed someone in the cast who could play the role of younger Dakota and she got her first chance immediately.

While talking to NYLON magazine, Fanning walks down the memory lane. She says, “When we were little we would fight all the time. I’m taller, so I would be the one beating her up.”

The “Super 8” actress was also very excited to talk about her role in “About Ray”, in which she played her part of a transgendered teen. Fanning had told People Magazine at the Toronto International Film Festival about her role that she always had clear idea that “it would be a huge challenge to do — I’ve definitely never done anything like that before.”

In the recent interview with NYLON, Elle Fanning discloses that she spent time with the transgender community. “They were so helpful.” Elle Fanning also says that she has bevy of transgendered friends in school who got transitions, changed their names and prefer to be referred to with changed pronouns.

The star cast of the American drama movie also includes Susan Sarandon and for Fanning, she is just a legend. Sarandon too has everything nice to say about Fanning. Sarandon tells NYLON that Fanning wallows in lot of fun on sets but when it comes to playing the role, she turns very fierce and focused. Sarandon also says, “I can’t imagine anyone else in the part.”

Photo Source: Instagram/Elle Fanning

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