Ellen DeGeneres Launches Leather And Suede Shoe Line: Is She A Fake Vegan?

By Meghna Subhedhar | 3 years ago
Ellen DeGeneres Launches Leather And Suede Shoe Line: Is She A Fake Vegan?
Ellen Degeneres

Ellen DeGeneres is drawing ire from dissenters and fans alike for including leather goods in the product line of her lifestyle brand E.D. Ellen had previously declared publicly that she was a vegan because she couldn’t “disconnect” from the fact that eating meat involves being cruel to animals. Read on.

The award-winning talkshow host is being criticized for launching a leather and suede collection of shoes for her luxury lifestyle brand E.D. She had previously impressed her fans by claiming that she went vegan because she couldn’t stand being cruel to animals. She had declared that she could no longer ignore the fact that her eating meat was directly linked to killing a living creature.

This view had garnered her much attention in the media and had impressed many of her fans. But now that her lifestyle brand is launching a leather and suede shoe line, fans are beginning to believe that it was a publicity stunt and DeGeneres had only spoken about cruelty to animals because she wanted to impress her fans.

Dissenters are also pointing fingers at her because her lifestyle brand is going to produce the shoes in Brazil. This is being projected as an anti-American stand, and dissenters are asking as to why these shoes are not being produced in America, and specifically in Los Angeles.

There is a good chance that DeGeneres has no idea that her company has taken a decision to include leather products in the lineup. Her own website doesn’t list the said line of products. Some people have begun to whisper that DeGeneres is deliberately trying to hide the fact that her company is selling leather goods. They are pinning her for hypocrisy and two-facedness.

Meanwhile, DeGeneres was not available for comment. This has also been taken in a very bad way by her fans.

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The news was first reported by Radar Online.

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