Ellen DeGeneres Teases Nick Jonas; Hints About Alleged Fling With Kate Hudson

By Pala Sen | 2 years ago
Ellen DeGeneres Teases Nick Jonas; Hints About Alleged Fling With Kate Hudson
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There have been rumors going around involving Kate Hudson and Nick Jonas for some time now.  All these started after they were found hanging out together at Disney World in Miami in the month of September.

He is only 23 while she is 36 years old. Meet Nick Jonas, who is apparently dating Kate Hudson, according to certain rumors. The duo have been spotted party hopping last week in the city of New York.

So it was obvious that in “The Ellen DeGeneres Show”, Ellen just could not restrain herself from teasing Nick Jonas, who is best known for “Scream Queens”. Nick also discussed with Ellen about his split from Olivia Culpo, ex-Miss USA. When Nick said that touring alone is an adjustment, Ellen retorted that he is not alone.

Ellen DeGeneres congratulated Nick on his successes in the current year, on his touring, new music and on two TV show appearances; “Scream Queens” and “Kingdom”. The show hostess followed this up by telling Nick that she knows that he had recently gone through a breakup and seems to be doing fine.

Nick was however unperturbed initially while he shared the tough transition period he had to go through after his two-year relationship with Culpo ended. It was then that he explained that touring all alone had been an adjustment for him.

Ellen probed him further on the show stating that he is perhaps not really alone.  This statement made Nick smile a bit nervously. He asked Ellen, why she thinks so. Ellen was quick enough to respond by stating that there is someone now who is coincidentally in the same city as him always.

However, Ellen went off topic by praising Nick and stating that she had known the latter for a long time and complimented him for having such a successful transition from a child artist to a successful singer today. She also said that Nick is one of the nicest guys she has come across with and he has always been adorable as well as talented.

Photo Source: Wikimedia Commons

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