Ellen Page Shows Off Her Girlfriend; Says ‘Freeheld’ Movie Inspired Her To Open Up About Her Sexuality

By April Lara | 2 years ago
Ellen Page Shows Off Her Girlfriend; Says ‘Freeheld’ Movie Inspired Her To Open Up About Her Sexuality
Ellen Page

Ellen Page brought a plus one at the premiere of her latest film “Freeheld.” Read below for the full details.

Love is in the air as Page brought along her girlfriend, Samantha Thomas to the premiere of her latest film. The 28-year-old actress told E!, “I’m in love! To be young, in love and free!”

This marks Page’s first public appearance with her girlfriend and it was a good choice considering that her movie “Freeheld” is based on a true story of a lesbian couple fighting for their rights. The two were looking very sweet during the premiere as they held hands and posed for pictures together. Page and Jones even wore matching tuxedos. How cute is that?

During the event, Page’s best friend “Orange Is The New Black” star Ruby Rose was there as well and she uploaded a photo of them together on her Instagram account. Then Rose also posted a photo of her with the couple with the caption, “When you’re not sure if you’re a YSL Campaign or really stylish waiters,” pertaining and making a joke about the couple’s matching outfits. She also expressed how proud she is of her best friend, Page.


This is the first time the couple went public but Page has been posting photos of them together on her Instagram account the past few weeks. Page came out as a lesbian in 2014 after filming “Freeheld,” which she said inspired her to finally embrace and open up about her sexuality.

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