Emilia Clarke Hurt With People Calling Her Fat; Reacts In A Unique Way!

By Pala Sen | 2 years ago
Emilia Clarke Hurt With People Calling Her Fat; Reacts In A Unique Way!
Emilia Clarke

Emilia Clarke shall never Google herself as she is hurt and would hate to read online comments that call her ‘fat’! Find out more about this.

Emilia Clarke, 28, makes a confession that she kind off stays away from searching her name on the net after  reading some articles about her nude scenes on the fantasy drama series “Games of Thrones”.

According to Sunshine Coast Daily, she remembers that there were several unflattering discussions about the size of her rear which it seems was not a pleasant experience she went through.

She specifically recalls one of those articles that said that it was indeed refreshing to possess such a ‘healthy-sized’ derriere on television. As soon as she read that she immediately felt that she was fat.

Emilia said that she wanted to be cautious about any eating disorders in the future to avoid such remarks. However, the actress who recently joined Instagram was taken aback after she got to know about  some of the graphic comments that were made on her pictures.

She told one of the magazines (GQ) that one just can’t help reading those comments. One of the users had listed the sexual acts he wanted to do on her and it was terrible.

Emilia played the part of Sarah Connor in the movie “Terminator Genisys” and is at present on crutches. She has found out several reasons why she succumbed to the injury such as while having rowdy sex or while jumping out of a chopper. However, she says that the real reason was  less interesting.

The actress explained that it happened when she ran and it was a stress fracture as she did not take good care of herself. She has got brittle-bone and since she does not eat dairy products, there is inadequate proportion of calcium in her body.

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Photo Source: Facebook/Emilia Clarke

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