Eminem Turns 44: Controversial Rapper’s Five Shocking Facts; Elton John Talks About His ‘Dear Friend’

By Savitha Muppala | 1 year ago
Eminem Turns 44: Controversial Rapper’s Five Shocking Facts; Elton John Talks About His ‘Dear Friend’

As Eminem turns a year older, Elton John gets sentimental as he waxes eloquent about the deep bond of friendship with the rap star. The award-winning musician said he considers the genius musician to be a close friend.

While Elton John is on the Rocket Hour, everyone agreed that Eminem is truly the best rapper of all time. eLton recalled a show the rapper did in Detroit and was referred to by Drake as ‘the greatest rapper of all time’.

The popular star, who turned 44, is undoubtedly a force to reckon with worldwide in the hip/hop, rap music scene.

Here are the five shocking facts of the controversial rapper as reported by The News.

  1. Eminem created a huge record for being the most successful star of rap music and entered the bastion which is usually the stronghold of Blacks.
  2. His second album, The Marshall Mathers LP made a huge success in 2000 as the quickest selling album ever. The album was certified platinum after it made record sales of 1.7 million units in the first three weeks. Between 2000 to 2010, Eminem beat every music artist hollow and sold more than 32.2 million albums during that period.
  3. The rapper’s music lyrics are unmatched. Media loved him as much as his fans for the wonderful lyrics and feet tapping rap that he treated the world with.
  4. The star’s genius is unique; there is none to match his lyrics and music. The power of his music carries his fame far and wide. This is second nature to him, so he does not have to try too hard to be special and unique.
  5. Eminem took many artists when he felt things were going wrong. Many of his battles with other music artists shot him into notoriety as well. Apart from that, his music is mostly based on his personal life and growing years. His lyrics reflect his struggles and it is believed that Eminem is perhaps the only musician who has boldly communicated his life to the world through his lyric

The world loves Eminem who continues to make a mark in music even in his 44th year.

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Photo Source: Facebook/Eminem

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