Emma Roberts & Evan Peters Call Off Their Engagement

By Mradula Mahajan | 3 years ago
Emma Roberts & Evan Peters Call Off Their Engagement

American Horror Story” co-stars Emma Roberts and Evan Peters have put an end to their relationship and called off their engagement. Since, they are dating they have been talk of the town and hitting headlines but for all wrong reasons. The couple had a very violent history and their relationship has finally been put to an end for the good reasons. Read on.

According to the Hollywood Life, an ‘insider’ is believed to have spilled the bean on the 24-year-old Roberts and the 28-year-old actor’s relationship status. The outlet has informed that their pretty serious flames out of the three-years relationship had just ran its course. They mutually decided to end the relationship without further adding any kind of drama.

According to the ‘insider,’ “Emma and Evan are even still friends!” The insider also added that the couple share many great memories and was not able to continue to share good space, “there was no drama whatsoever.” So, break-up was the only decision they could reach to, to stay happy and friendly with each other.

Their break-up didn’t come off as a shock or surprise to their fans. Given their violent history, they are believed to have surprise fans with the way they have worked out the relationship in the last three-year course. Roberts and Peters started dating in 2012. It was after they worked together on the film “Adult World”and got engaged in December 2013.

Major dispute news had hit the headlines in July 2013. It was reported that the couple had an argument while they were at a hotel in Montreal, Canada. It was reported to the police by someone who heard them. Their ‘heated argument’ had turned into a fight and Roberts was even arrested. Later, Roberts declined everything to the press. In a joint statement, the couple had called it just an unfortunate incident and misunderstanding and said that they are trying to move past it.

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