Emma Stone And Andrew Garfield Continue to Confuse Everyone About Their Relationship Status

By Anshul Hardikar | 2 years ago
Emma Stone And Andrew Garfield Continue to Confuse Everyone About Their Relationship Status

They met on the sets of “The Amazing Spider-Man” where they realized that they both look good together and so they started dating. This went on for several years as the reports mention, but they never really acknowledged their relationship officially.

According to Vanity Fair, the couple has been quite successful in keeping their relationship under wraps and managing to confuse everyone about their status. According to the media outlet there have been several occasions where the couple have made either solo appearances or with each other. For example when Emma was nominated for an Academy award last year for her work in the movie “Birdman,” Andrew was not there to keep her company. Immediately following this several outlets went on to report that Andrew cheated on Emma while he was shooting for a movie and that the couple was done for good.

However, the story was far from resolved because post split, “The Amazing Spider-Man” actress was seen carrying a bag that had Andrew’s name written on it. Then came reports that Emma was seen going on dates with other actors and despite that she was seen yet again with Andrew in Santa Monica. That one really sparked a big debate about their relationship. Many media outlets declared that the couple was back together and this time they were even planning to settle down together!

The news perhaps cautioned the couple and they stopped hanging out. Two months passed and the couple was not seen together at all until just this weekend they graced loyal fans together when they went to grab some lunch together. Andrew was sporting long hair and wore a floral shirt; perhaps he was taking some tips secretly from Emma regarding his beautiful long hair? No one knows.

Just Jared reported that Emma did talk about her relationship once. According to her, this relationship is so special to her that talking about it does not feel good that’s why she chooses to not talk about it at all. Whatever the case be, “Stonefield” fans would surely love to see the couple hanging out with each other more often.

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