‘The Amazing Spider-Man 2’ Stars Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone to Lead Earth Day 2014 Celebration in Singapore [WATCH VIDEOS]

By Alex | 4 years ago
‘The Amazing Spider-Man 2’ Stars Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone to Lead Earth Day 2014 Celebration in Singapore [WATCH VIDEOS]
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Earth Hour announced on Feb. 27, 2014 that they tapped the cast, director and producer of the upcoming “The Amazing Spider-Man 2” movie including Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone to lead the Earth Day 2014 celebration in Singapore at the organization’s flagship headquarters. The star-studded cast and crew will grace the hour-long blackout event at The Float @ Marina Bay on March 29, 2014 at 8.30 p.m.

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Yahoo! Singapore reported the partnership between Earth Hour, the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) and Sony Pictures which lead to the announcement of Spider-Man’s global ambassadorship. This has established the upcoming sequel of “Spider Man” as the “most eco-friendly blockbuster in the history of the said studio..

“I am proud that Spiderman is the first Superhero Ambassador for Earth Hour because he shows that we can all become Superheroes when we realize the power we all have,” said  Garfield in the official Earth Hour Web site.

“Earth Hour is a movement that created massive impact around the world,” he added.

Other celebrities have taken notice of the recent announcement of the first Superhero Ambassador. Moviepilot found out that musician Pharrell Williams even tweeted about it.

“This time, he’ll save the environment. Spidey is the first Superhero Ambassador for @WWF’s #EarthHour…” tweeted Williams on his official Twitter account (@Pharrell).

Aside from flying to the organization’s flagship headquaters for Earth Hour, Garfield and his “Amazing Spider-Man” crew also revealed that they will be supporting selected projects of Earth Hour’s newly-developed cross-funding and crowdsourcing platform Earth Hour Blue, inspiring individuals to #UseYourPower and become superheroes for the planet.

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“Peter Parker” (Andrew Garfield) gave his support to the “A Flame Called Hope” headed by WWF Nepal. According to Earth Hour, the said project aims to raise US $100,000 in order to “provide clean bio-gas energy for local communities in Nepal which reduces deforestation, and create an alternative means of livelihood for families in the area.”

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“Gwen Stacy” (Emma Stone) will help the WWF International reach the target budget of $43,571 for a project called “Puppy Protector.” Earth Hour said that with enough earnings, they can provide funds to “train puppies to track animals, find wildlife crime scenes, detect illegal trades, and chase down poachers- with the rangers on the frontlines of Chitwa National Park, Nepal.”

Stone revealed in a video that the annual event goes beyond the 60-minute mark that it follows.

“Earth Hour gives you the power to inspire anyone even if you’re just one person,” said the “Easy A” star in the official Earth Hour Web site.

“There are great projects, from the crowd for the planet, happening all over the world.”

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Jaime Foxx sheds off his evil character for a while to help fund the “Light Up A Village” of the WWF branch in Uganda. If they earn their US $ 47,000 target, the project can “Support 600 families living around the Earth Hour Forest and help them acquire energy efficient technologies and products that reduce the dependency of firewood.”

“Earth Hour isn’t just about lights off, it’s people across the world coming togetther throughout the year to join forces to improve the planets,” said Foxx in the official Earth Hour Web site.

“Never underestimate your power; never underestimate what you can do.”

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Lastly, Marc Webb, the “The Amazing Spider-Man 2” and “500 Days of Summer” director, will team up with WFF Indonesia to “provide better equipment for WWF Rangers who are protecting Indonesia’s endangered wildlife such as the Sumatran tiger, elephant, rhino and orangutan and their forest habitat.” The Power Up A Ranger project aims to earn US $ 20,000.

“Earth Hour is a movement full of Superheroes-people harnessing the power of the crowd to inspire change for the good of the planet, imagine the possibilities when we come together and do more,” said Webb in the Earth Hour Web site.

It’s nice to know that reel and real life couple and “The Amazing Spider-Man 2″ stars Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone are set to lead the Earth Day 2014 celebration in Singapore on March 29, 2014 at 8.30 p.m. Surely, fans of “The Amazing Spider-Man 2” will be excited to see them participate in a very timely cause.

Here’s the trailer of Sony Picture’s highly-acclaimed comeback movie of our friendly superhero “The Amazing Spider-Man 2” which opens in U.S. cinemas on May 2, 2014.

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