Emma Stone and Bradley Cooper Too Comfortable With Each Other In The Set Of ‘Aloha’?

By Rosella Jane Vargas | 2 years ago
Emma Stone and Bradley Cooper Too Comfortable With Each Other In The Set Of ‘Aloha’?
Emma Stone and Bradley Cooper Too Comfortable With Each Other In The Set Of ‘Aloha’?

Bradley Cooper and Emma Stone are enjoying each other’s company for their latest film entitled “Aloha”. What exactly happened behind the scenes? Read on for more details.

Both of them sat down for an interview to New Idea as shared by Yahoo! Cooper plays the role of Brian Gilcrest and when asked to picture him out, he said that this character is intelligent and has a wide interest in space command.

However, all his idealism and naivety became blurred when he discovered the transactions undergoing among countries. Brian decided to be a private contractor and worked for the sake of money. Along the way, he sustained an injury but he still got a chance to prove himself. As he returns to Hawaii, it is like redeeming himself and finishing different life missions.

Stone described Captain Allison Ng as a woman of strength and with a soft spot since this character is pretty much determined to be successful in the military as reported by Design Trend.

Stone wants this because “she has a huge belief in the goodness of mankind really, and protecting the sky.” Even though she isn’t a full-blooded Hawaiian, she fully believes in the myths, spirits, natives, and other surrounding elements about the land. The rare combination of these two opposing traits will reveal much more of her character in the movie.


With the possible conflicts of Brian and Allison because of their personalities, the question “What metaphoric guns does each one pull out of their armory?” draws interesting answers from the two. For Stone, she thinks that the sincerity of Allison ‘gets her kind of everywhere’. Brian will have to deal with his past and a certain friendship with Bumpy.

Cooper adds that “Then he gets hijacked by this new upstart who befriends him with her love of music and sincere interest in what her plight is.”

Aloha features Rachel McAdams, Danny McBride, and John Krasinski too. The on-screen chemistry of Bradley Cooper and Emma Stone will definitely be a test on the big screen soon.

Photo Source: Emma Stone/Wikimedia Commons

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