Emma Stone Gains Weight After Break Up With Andrew Garfield; ‘Easy A’ Actress Slams Body Shamers

By DV Pre | 2 years ago
Emma Stone Gains Weight After Break Up With Andrew Garfield; ‘Easy A’ Actress Slams Body Shamers
Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield

Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield’s relationship may be stronger than ever but that does not mean that their momentary break did not affect one another. The “Easy A” actress reportedly put on a few pounds because of their split.

According to Kpopstarz, when Stone appeared on “Conan,” she surprised everyone with her apparent weight gain. The publication reported that the actress put on quite a lot of weight following her alleged break up with Garfield.

In an interview with Seventeen magazine, Stone revealed that she has always struggled with her weight. Fans started to worry about her appearing too skinny when they saw photos of her in “The Amazing Spider-Man 2” premiere.

“I’ve seen articles or comments that have addressed my weight of ‘caving to pressure to be thin.’ Keeping weight on is a struggle for me, especially when I’m under stress and especially as I’ve gotten older,” she told the magazine.

The actress added that she always feel the need to defend herself when she reads or hears rumors about her fluctuating weight. Stone said that fans and the media can be very critical about body image at times. She admitted that it used to upset her when people start spreading rumors about her which were untrue, but added that she soon started to get over it.

“People insult each other based on their own insecurities – even though it may feel personal, it really never is. Really. Seriously,” she added.

Stone also shared that what is important is she knows that she is taking good care of her body. She added that she has learned to not put too much importance on what other people may say.

There you have it on the latest news about Emma Stone. Do you think she looks better when she put on the few extra pounds? Sound off in the comments below.

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Photo Source: Facebook/Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield

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