Emma Thompson Will Hang Herself If She Sees Another ‘Spider-Man’ Movie?

By Subhro Prakash Ghosh | 2 years ago
Emma Thompson Will Hang Herself If She Sees Another ‘Spider-Man’ Movie?
Emma Thompson

There is no iota of doubt that the movies projecting superheroes always fetch crowds irrespective of gender and age. And everyone knows how victory kisses the superheroes at the end and we all wait for another sequel of the movies. That’s what even happened with the super hit movies like “Spider-Man,” “Iron Man” and “The Avengers.” But here we will talk about a Hollywood actress, Emma Thompson, who is all set to go against the wave saying that she would not tolerate if she sees another “Spider-Man.” Read below to know what she has threatened for it.

The Oscar winner, Emma Thompson, might have earlier enjoyed the reboots of “Spider-Man,” but now she has become sick and tired of it and, as she has claimed, this is nothing but reboots of the same franchise. Hence, she has threatened that she would directly hang herself if another “Spider-Man” reboot is released. Thompson also said that after a while people undoubtedly become more or less cynical about it. But she had never shown her apathy to the original “Spider-Man.”

“I loved the original Superman with Chris Reeve because there was a real tongue-in-cheek-ness to it. The fact that I know they’re going to win out in the end has now slightly interfered with my continuing to go to those movies. If I see yet another Spider-Man, I’m going to have to actually hang myself,” Thompson said in an interview with Vulture.

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According to Tech Times, “Spider-Man” is expected to be a rebooted character in “Captain America: Civil War.” So, if this happens sooner or later, this would be really bad for them, like 56-year old Thompson, who are simply bored and tired with the superhero. Although we don’t know what could happen to her if the new “Spider-Man” hits the big screen, but this would be the third reboot of the character in a short of 15 years.

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