Emma Watson’s Beauty and The Beast Restricted In Russia: Know The Reason

By Eva Artosilla | 2 years ago
Emma Watson’s Beauty and The Beast Restricted In Russia: Know The Reason
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Emma Watson’s film Beauty and the Beast seems to lose a chunk of its audience. In Russia, only teenagers above 16 years old are allowed to watch the movie. One lawmaker named Vitaly Milonov opposed the screening of the movie. However, it was only restricted with a rating of 16+.

Milonov was against the showing of the film, as reported by CBC. He reasoned that it is a “shameless” promotion of sin and sexual perversion in a fairy tale camouflage.

Beauty and the Beast has been tested time and again as a hit classic and is expected to be in the live movie adaptation. The motivation behind Disney’s decision to incorporate the “gay moment” in the film is unknown. It is even marketing the scene like a “come on” for the movie goers.

The Russian Culture Ministry informed about the restriction in the Associated Press. The RIA Novosti news agency stated Milonov’s protest. The lawmaker who opposed the screening is a local lawmaker in St. Petersburg who made opposition to LGBT rights as his platform.

Russia has an existing law banning “gay propaganda” among minors since 2013. The law authored by Milonov can be applied even to educators that teach children. The country has a strong opposition to homosexuality and it shields its young population from exposure to such gender.

Emma Watson's Beauty and the Beast

Emma Watson’s Beauty and The Beast First Ever Gay Moment

The scene mentioned is the one where LeFou (Josh Gad), Gaston’s sidekick develops a likeness to him. However, director Bill Condon is not amenable that it should affect the film. He said that it was more like the first gay moment depicting LeFou as a fluid character. It provokes the mind that he has something towards Gaston although it was not blatantly shown in the film.

This is a downside to the movie that is supposed to be for general patronage. Children are also included to the possible market because it was based on a fairy tale cartoon character. But because of the questionable scene, the film loses plenty of audience. Undeniably, although there is a widespread acceptance of the LGBT people, still there are countries that do not accept them.

There was even one drive-in theater in Alabama that cancelled the showing of the film because of the scene. Added to the moral questions, Emma Watson who is a feminist posed partially exposing her breasts in a Vogue magazine cover. It has received flak in time for the release of Beauty and the Beast.

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Photo Source: Facebook/Beauty and the Beast

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