Emma Watson’s Beauty And The Beast Will Never Have A Sequel But A Spin-Off Is Possible

By Eva Artosilla | 2 years ago
Emma Watson’s Beauty And The Beast Will Never Have A Sequel But A Spin-Off Is Possible
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Emma Watson’s Beauty and the Beast will never have a sequel but possibly a spin-off. Despite its amazing performance at the box office with $174.7 million on its opening weekend, the studio said no to a part two. The feat broke Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice’s record of $166 million. For March, the Disney film topped all movies released.

Instead of riding on the euphoria of the moment, Disney announced immediately that it is not keen on producing a sequel. Movie Web reported that Sean Bailey, Disney President, the studio will explore different possibilities for spin-offs and prequels. He said that the characters have rich back stories especially the staff in the castle that has transformed into different things because of a curse.

He added that there are plenty of star powers behind the characters. Ewan McGregor as the candelabra Lumiere, Stanley Tucci as the harpsichord Maestro Cadenza and Audra McDonald as the wardrobe Madame de Garderobe have interesting stories to tell. The same with Gugu Mbatha-Raw who played the feather duster Plumette, and Nathan Mack as the teacup Chip. McKellen as the mantel clock Cogsworth, Thompson as the teapot Mrs. Potts, and Morahan as the enchantress are interesting too.

Emma Watson’s Beauty and the Beast

Gascon and LeFou of Beauty and the Beast Might Became A New Love Team

The recently controversial tandem of Gascon (Luke Evans) and LeFou (Josh Gad) is also a wellspring of interesting plots. The “gay moment” between the two characters has stirred various reactions from both the straight and the LGBT communities. There were theaters that canceled the screening of Beauty and the Beast because of it. A few countries did not allow their minor citizens to watch the film.

Sean Bailey’s work with the studio has paved the way for Disney live-action animations to be patronized. His tenure started in 2010 and Alice in Wonderland became the second studio film to reach the $1 billion worldwide record. The first one was Johnny Depp’s Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest. Following Alice in Wonderland, Toy Story 3 reached the $1 billion mark in the same year.

The sequel Alice: Through the Looking Glass which was directed by James Bobin failed to impress at the box office. This was eyed as a heads up to the studio not to do live-action animation sequels again.

The first Alice earned a total of $1.334 billion worldwide against the production budget of $200 million. The sequel earned only $377 million worldwide against a budget of $170 million. At least, it did not end up on a break-even but the studio was not satisfied with the outcome.

Emma Watson’s Beauty and the Beast is still running and making money.  Aside from Watson, Dan Stevens is in the cast who played the cursed prince who was turned into a Beast.

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