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The beautiful Emma Watson who played the character of Hermione Granger in “Harry Potter” is back in news again. This time it’s not for her painful breakup with her boyfriend of long time Matthew Janney but about a new found love. Read on to find more about the events in Emma Watson’s love life.

In recent development the actress was seen enjoying a dinner date with a mystery man. They were seen in Manhattan at an Italian restaurant Supper on Sunday. A source who witnessed them enjoying each others company said “They were laughing and super flirty”. It has been reported by an insider that when the duo entered the bar all the seats were occupied.  A woman upon recognizing the actress offered her husband’s and her seat. However, Emma after thanking her politely refused the offer. They chose to sit at communal table and had no problem sitting with others.

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The mystery man is said to long term friend Roberto Aguire. They had met on the sets of Harry Potter and never really lost touch. Roberto considers Emma as his very good friend and they have made several red carpet appearances together. However Emma is yet to confirm on the news of her dating Roberto.

The actress was reported having a tough time dealing with her split with boy friend Matthew Janney. She even went on a retreat after the split and resorted to week long silence which she said helped her immensely in recovering. Emma described her split with former boyfriend as “horrendous”.   Also, Watson appointment as US Women Goodwill Ambassador  few days back has helped her in healing her heartbreak and empowering her  too. Emma believes the opportunity to serve for a noble cause came at the right time.

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Considering her previous  unpleasant experience with romance, she is likely to take matters related to heart slow this time. We wish the actress all the best and hope that the actress finds true love soon. Stay tuned for more updates on reviews, movies, entertainment and TV series.

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