Emmerdale cast Haze & AAron

By admin | 7 years ago

Hazel is desperate for Aaron to leave the village and go with her travelling but Aaron does not want to leave.

Aaron has lied to both his mum Chas and to Paddy about how he has hurt his head, has he started harming himself again?? He is very confused as to what he is to do regarding Hazel’s suggestion that he leaves the village and goes with her travelling she feels that he needs to leave with her and start a new life away from his mad family.  Chas hearing this goes to confront Hazel and tells her to leave her son alone and is very shocked that he has started harming himself again.  Hazel tells Chas that he needs to be away from his family who she says are so messed up and with all the fighting that family do to each other is not good for Aaron.

Aaron tells Hazel that its her that has made him hurt himself and that she is driving him mad and tries to explain to her that he is not Jackson the son that both she and Aaron loved and who they had help committ suicide and who Aaron still feels guilty about helping him, Hazel is still in deep depression over the loss of Jackson and is trying to replace him with Aaron but he tells her that he is no way going to leave the village and his mad family and that she should go on her own.

Elsewhere Ashley and Laurel have now decided to make another go of their marriage and Ashley goes to see Marlon to explain this to him and tells him he’s not sure if he can forgive him although he should as its part of his job description and they are not moving to Leeds much to the delight of Ashley’s father.

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