Emmerdale: Laurel has left Ashley

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Laurel has left Ashley and the children after telling Ashley that she might be pregnant.  Ashley is very angry as he thinks that Laurel has slept with Marlon and that the baby could be his.  Although Laurel has told Ashley on many occasions that she did not sleep with Marlon, Ashley is finding this very difficult to believe.  Laurel does a pregnancy test which turns out negative.  Laurel feels that the affair with Marlon will always be a problem as she has lost the trust of Ashley and she tells Ashley that they should separate.

Emmerdale: Laurel has left Ashley

Gennie feels that her and Nikhil are getting on so well and has dropped a hint asking whether Nikhil would like to move in with her but Nikhil was rather shocked and said that it was too soon into the relationship, Gennie is feeling very stupid and wishes that she had never asked.

Hazel has told Aaron that she is going to move on and do some more travelling but secretly hoping that he will go with her. She feels that after the loss of her son Jackson who was also Aarons boyfriend they both need to move on and she has taken Aaron under her wing much to the dismay of Aarons mum Chas who does not like the idea of the two of them being so close.

The police have questioned Rodney regarding a crime that was actually committed by Carl, Rodney threatens to tell the police everything unless Carl pays him.  Rodney originally only thought it was a speeding fine that he was taking on for Carl as Carl had too many point on his licence and would lose it.  Rodney has a clean licence and Carl offered to pay Rodney to say that it was him driving and he would get a small fine and points on his licence which Rodney agreed too.  Unfortunately Rodney did not expect another visit from the police in which a cyclist was hit.  When Rodney confronts Carl he said that he thought that it was an animal that he hit that night and that is why he did not stop.  Rodney is now on the verge of getting more cash out of Carl by blackmailing him.

Val is putting pressure on Amy to change her mind about giving up the baby for adoption Amy finds the pressure too much and moves in with David.


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