Emmerdale spoilers: Ashley and Laurel still no trust?

By admin | 7 years ago

Laurel has left Ashley and the children and gone to stay at Nicola’s after Ashley confronts her about sleeping with Marlon with whom she had an affair with.  Laurel has sworn that although she had an affair with Marlon she never ever slept with him.

Ashley and Laurel

Ashley confronts Marlon in the pub and tries to bluff Marlon into saying that he knows that Laurel slept with him and of course Marlon denies this as he knows that this is the truth Marlon also knows that Ashley is trying to get him to confess but Marlon sees red and grabs Ashley and tells him straight that Laurel did not sleep with him and that Laurel picked Ashley and that he should trust Laurel and tells him to get out of the pub, he is very angry that Ashley could do that to Laurel as he believes that Ashley should take Laurels word above everything.  Ashley realising that he has made a terrible mistake goes to see Laurel and apologises to her and tells her that he forgives her and all seems to be back on track until he tells Laurel that he went to see Marlon and confront him, well Laurel went mad and said that why did he have to go and see Marlon when she had already promised Ashley that she had never ever slept with Marlon during their affair, Ashley thinks that he has blown his chance with getting back with Laurel and tries to explain to Laurel just how he feels and Laurel understands this.  So it looks like Ashley and Laurel’s marriage is saved and tells Ashley that she does not want to leave the village and move to Leeds for a new posting that Ashley has as she does not want to leave the village as it is their home and Ashley will just have to get along with Marlon and trust Laurel again.

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