Empire Recap: Out, Damned Spot

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Empire Recap: Out, Damned Spot
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Empire” Season 1 Episode 6 ”Out, Damned Spot” aired last Wednesday, Feb. 11, 2015 at 9:00 p.m. on FOX. In this episode, Lucious Lyon (Terrence Howard) broke the news about his engagement to his family, much to Cookie Lyon’s (Taraji P. Henson) disappointment. However, things became complicated for Lucious. It was after he come clean to Vernon Turner (Malik Yoba) about what he did to Bunkie (Antonie McKay). He even asked for his help in order to make everything go away. Vernon then does so and begins to scheme with Andre Lyon (Trai Byers) once more. While Hakeem Lyon (Bryshere Grey) channeled his anger about his relationships with women into a song; Jamal Lyon (Jessie Smollett) finally stood up to Hakeem, and his song and another song, started to go public. It caused a strain in his relationship with his boyfriend Michael (Rafael de la Fuente). Meanwhile, Cookie got the chance of a lifetime after Lucious allowed her to manage legendary singer Elle Dallas (Courtney Love). Read on to learn more about this episode.

The episode began with Cookie Lyon (Taraji P. Henson) wondering what to wear for dinner after Lucious Lyon (Terrence Howard) gave her a rose on their wedding anniversary. However, it turned out that it had simply been a friendly gesture. He then announced that he and Anika Calhoun (Grace Gealey) were now engaged. While Anika talked about the huge ring that had been given to her, Cookie slurped her wine and threw rose petals everywhere. Finally, she threw the rose at them and revealed that she had dressed up in nothing but lingerie for Lucious. As she stormed out, she flashed Anika.

At her apartment, she told her son Jamal (Jessie Smollet) that she was sure that “Keep Your Money” was going to be a hit, and was going to get in on the charts with or without his father. Afterwards, she told Michael (Rafael de la Fuente) that he should be prepared for the fact that once Jamal became famous, he would have less time to spend with him.

Meanwhile, while Lucious was previewing Hakeem’s (Bryshere Grey) video, he discovered that he was having a hard time using his hand and arm. After seeing Detective Walker (Damon Gupton) going through his trash, he panicked and summoned his lawyer, Vernon Turner (Malik Yoba). He then confessed to him what had really happened with Bunkie (Antoine McKay).Veron reassured him that he would handle the situation. He also reassured him that he was going to “beef up security” for him just in case. Afterwards, he went to Andre’s (Trai Byers) office and put him in a headlock. He asked him if he knew that his father had killed Bunkie. Andre then told him that he had given that alibi to Detective Walker because he was used to doing that, even if he wasn’t sure what he was covering for. Afterwards, he called up his wife, Rhonda (Kaitlin Doubleday). He informed her that he had been right about his father had done to Bunkie. However, Vernon started to have second doubts about his life and opened up to his Alcoholics Anonymous sponsor about it.

Back in Jamal’s apartment, Michael told Jamal about his conversation with Cookie. Jamal reassured him that Michael would always be his priority. In order to prove it, they planned a weekend getaway with a couple of friends for that weekend.

At the office, inside the conference room, Cookie played Jamal’s song for everyone to hear. Everyone liked it except for Anika, who tried to pretend that it wasn’t a good song. Anika then informed Andre, who had asked which artists they were dropping due to budget issues. They were going to drop Elle Dallas (Courtney Love) as she hadn’t produced anything in a long time. However, Cookie thought that wasn’t a good idea. Elle was “Empire royalty” as her first albums made a name for Empire overnight. Later that evening, Lucious told Cookie that he wasn’t going to fund Jamal’s song. He introduced her to Elle Dallas, who refused to let Cookie manage her, even though Lucious insisted on it.

The next day, Vernon met up with a shady lawyer that he knew in order to broker a deal in order to get someone else to fall into Lucious’ crime.

That same morning, Cookie tracked Elle down to a seedy motel. She flushed down her drugs and told her that she needed to clean so that they could get to work. She then told her that it had been her music that had helped her stay alive while she was in prison. As Elle cried on the bed, Cookie hugged her and let her cry.

Meanwhile, Hakeem brooded over the pictures online of Tiana (Serayah) and her girlfriend. He got angrier after Camilla (Naomi Campbell) refused to pick up her phone.

Later that night, Cookie met up with Jamal, Michael and Porsha (Ta’Rhonda Jones) at Leviticus. Jamal told her to stop meddling in his personal life. However, Cookie told him that she was just protecting him as he needed to have a partner that was on the “same level” with him. She then got the club DJ to play his song, and convinced football star Vince Boyd (Jamar McNeil) to tweet about how amazing the song being played was. It was although he did so as he found the banter between Cookie and Porsha “hilarious.” Michael was ecstatic that after an hour, Boyd’s tweet of Jamal’s song had reached more than a thousand people and like. A drunk Hakeem then showed up and begged Jamal to come over to his place. He needed help with a new song, and openly disrespected his mother again. Jamal then brushed him off and told him that he wouldn’t help him anymore. He was sick of Hakeem disrespecting Cookie, and because he was tired of being used.

Meanwhile, at the Lyon mansion, Lucious met up with the guy that Vernon had provided him with his new head of security. Lucious then hired him, Malcolm (Derek Luke), as he proved to be very thorough. Malcolm then proposed that they redo his security system for both Empire and for his house from scratch.

Vernon, on the other hand, met up with the shady lawyer he had talked to earlier. He paid off a man who was going to prison to say that he had also killed Bunkie.

The next day, Michael informed Jamal that Vince Boyd’s tweet was going viral, but quickly got disappointed. It was after learning that they were going to have to cancel their weekend getaway as Jamal was going to have a live radio interview with Sway.

Back at Empire, Hakeem recorded a new song in which he channeled his anger about Tiana and Camilla into a song which talked about how he didn’t like women. Meanwhile, in another studio, Cookie was having a hard time with Elle, who was being difficult. After Elle threw a small tantrum inside the studio, Cookie told her that the problem with her was herself, as Elle was hiding behind her false eyelashes, make up and drugs. She then told her to channel all her pain into her music, just as she used to do before. She egged her to do it right because they were “both fighting for a comeback.” Afterwards, Elle started to sing, and Cookie smiled as she knew that Elle was back in the game. Meanwhile, unbeknowest to Cookie, Anika approached Porsha in the elevator. She told Porsha that she had a way for Porsha to get paid double of what she got paid with Cookie. However, she alighted from the elevator, and left Porsha before saying anything else.

Back at the Lyon mansion, Lucious hired a “concierge doctor.” He proposed that Lucious try out an experimental drug treatment for ALS that was being created in Russia.

That weekend, Jamal sang a new song for Sway, which pleased him. He then promoted Jamal Lyon as the next big thing in the R&B industry, and asked if he had a “lady” in his life. However, instead of telling the world about his relationship with Michael, he just said that he was currently just focused and dedicated to his music, which hurt Michael a lot.

Meanwhile, while Jamal was doing his interview, Lucious and Vernon watched as their hired fall guy confessed to murdering Bunkie. Because of this, Vernon realized that things were going to start changing for him as Lucious now owed him a huge favor. He told Andre that they would have to fast track their plan, and revealed that he knew of Andre’s sickness.

Cookie then tried to enter the Empire building and was surprised to learn that she wasn’t being allowed in due to new security protocols. However, Malcolm intervened, and allowed her to get in, while flirting with her.

Inside, Cookie told Jamal that he wanted him to work in the studio for now as his “creative juices” were currently flowing. They then stopped in their tracks after they heard Hakeem’s new song. Anika and Lucious loved because it was good, and because it was controversial. It would automatically create a lot of buzz and press without them even trying. However, Jamal warned Hakeem that he hadn’t made a smart move by singing about how he hated women. Anika reminded them that his audience wouldn’t really care, as they would say that his lyrics were just metaphors. Hakeem then stood up to his mother again, who told him that she just wished that all his “childish anger” would soon go away. As the entire family walked past the security entrance, Malcolm informed Lucious that somebody claiming that she was family was there to see them. Jamal then recognized the newcomer as Olivia (Raven-Symone) and asked what she was doing there. She then had her little girl sing his song. She informed him that the little girl had wanted to see her father- Jamal.

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