Empire Recap: Our Dancing Days

By Kitin Miranda | 3 years ago
Empire Recap: Our Dancing Days

Empire” Season 1 Episode 7 ”Our Dancing Days” aired last Wednesday, Feb. 18, 2015 at 9:00 PM on FOX. In this episode, Lucious Lyon (Terrence Howard) and the rest of the company geared up for the company’s Investor’s Showcase. It would help them get funds and the support that they needed in order to go public. Anika Calhoun (Grace Gealey) tries to sabotage Elle Dallas (Courtney Love) for the showcase. Jamal Lyon (Jessie Smollet) tries to cope with the knowledge that he had a baby daughter. Meanwhile, Lucious’ ALS gets the better of him. It leads him to finally reveal his sickness to his family, which brings about some interesting results. Read on to learn more about this episode.

Lucious Lyon (Terrence Howard) walked to his company from Leviticus. It is the venue of their Investor’s Showcase. Cookie Lyon (Taraji P. Henson) caught up to him. She told him off for allowing their son, Jamal Lyon (Jessie Smollet) to marry Olivia (Raven-Symone) back when he was just eighteen years old. It turned out that she was currently a hairdresser. She’s living with an abusive boyfriend whom she had sought police protection from. She then asked Lucious if he was feeling alright as it seemed as if he was a little bit sick. Inside Empire Entertainment Enterprises, Anika Calhoun (Grace Gealey) informed him that NKTO’s managers wanted to have a promotion that gave one hundred of their fans some prizes. They were going to cut their South American tour short in order to make it to the Investor’s Showcase. However, Lucious refused to do so. He wanted the showcase to be only for investors. As he entered his office, Becky (Gabourey Sibide) asked him if he was feeling alright. His eldest son Andre (Trai Byers) informed him that Terry Schiller, the manager of a big investment company was going to have dinner with him, Andre and Rhonda. That night, they had to appeal to his sense of family. After they all had left, Cookie nagged him about Olivia. As he had enough, he told her to stop talking and suddenly fainted. Cookie and Anika then accompanied him to the ambulance. Much to Cookie’s annoyance, he only let Anika ride with him to the hospital.

Meanwhile, Jamal Lyon (Jessie Smollet) tried to beg Michael (Rafael de la Fuente) to stay. However, Michael informed him that he had been hurt when Jamal had said on the radio that he had “no special girl” because now he did- a daughter. However, Jamal couldn’t understand how Olivia had gotten pregnant as he had only slept with her once. He also told Jamal that he was too much in love with his music right now and left.

Later that night, as Lucious was in the hospital, Schiller had dinner with Andre and Rhonda (Kaitlin Doubleday). It was after Lucious apologized over the phone for not being able to make it as his jet’s engine had gotten caught on fire.

Elsewhere, Hakeem Lyon (Bryshere Gray) tried to pacify his older girlfriend, Camilla (Naomi Campbell) by hiring a private chef and by giving her a necklace with his name on it. However, she didn’t appreciate it as it seemed like he was branding her with his name. She then told him that she wanted to be at his side during the Investor’s Showcase. He told her that just for this time, he would get her on the VIP list as an investor of the company. He promised that they would appear in public together during his next big appearance.

Back at the hospital, his doctor told him that whatever his other doctor, Dr. Mason, had been giving him was slowly poisoning his system. He told him once again that there was no cure at all for ALS. Outside, Cookie tried to enter his room, but as his security wouldn’t let him through, she ended up just looking worriedly inside through the room’s window.

The next morning, Lucious attended their usual every day meeting from the confines of his bedroom. Much to Anika’s annoyance, he told them that Elle Dallas (Courtney Love) would be performing the opening number. She had been the company’s second platinum record hitter after him, after that would be Hakeem and Jamal’s performance.

Later, at Leviticus, Jamal and Hakeem began to fight after they started bumping into each other during their rehearsal. Cookie then told them to stop arguing, and told them to work together just for one night so that their father’s dreams, which he had fought hard to achieve, could come true. Because it seemed that only Andre was working harder than them to achieve those dreams. Lucious then came and told them to listen to their mother as she was a very “wise woman.” She then asked him what had happened to him. He brushed off by telling her that he had gotten food poisoning, which she didn’t believe.

Back at Empire, Becky and Malcolm Devaughn (Dereken Luke) got the shock of their lives. It was after discovering that Olivia had left her baby daughter in Empire. After learning about this, Jamal decided to blow off some steam by going for a drive around town. Meanwhile, Cookie and Malcolm watched a very sober and clean Elle rehearse for her comeback performance.

Back at Empire, Jamal briefly said hello to his daughter. She was being babysat by Bec and went to his father’s office. There, Jamal told him that his marriage to Olivia had been a farce, even though Lucious made him do it to protect him. Lucious then told him that he had done the same thing when he announced on the radio that he had “no special girl” in his life, which he felt was a good and smart move. Jamal then told sadly that Michael had left. Lucious then told him that he had known about it and that he was sorry that Jamal wasn’t happy about it. He then reassured his son that he would one day find someone who would understand and respect him as the artist that he is. After Jamal told his father that Olivia’s daughter might be his, Lucious decided to bring her into the Lyon mansion for now. He reminded his son that he will never be alone and that he would always have his family’s support.

The next night, during the Investor’s Showcase, people cheered and watched as Hakeem and Jamal performed outside Leviticus in order to greet the investors. Everyone screamed with happiness when Elle walked in.

Inside, Lucious rubbed elbows with potential investors, with Becky helping him figure out who was who, which included Camilla, who had already made eye contact with Hakeem. She tried to impress her by drinking Andre’s drink.

Cookie then gave Elle some green tea, and left for a moment to check on her sons. While she was gone, Anika came by and when Elle wasn’t looking, she slipped some drugs in her tea, which made her unable to perform, much to Cookie’s annoyance. Although Elle didn’t know why she was feeling that way as she hadn’t taken any drugs at all.

Because of this, Cookie told Lucious that they had a big problem on their hands. Lucious then told his sons, who were fighting with each other backstage, that they had to be the first to perform as they represented the future of the company. They then finally stopped fighting, smiled and reconciled before going on stage to perform.

Their performance was phenomenal. Camilla was happy as Hakeem had surreptitiously mentioned her in his song. However, during the performance, backstage, in a private room where Anika, Andre, Rhonda, Vernon Turner (Malik Yoba) and Cookie was, Lucious noticed that he was losing his voice. He then brought Cookie aside, and told her that he wasn’t feeling well. While they tended to him, Anika told him that she could give the speech that he had prepared, which was on the teleprompters, and because she wrote the entire thing. However, he told Cookie to give the speech, and reminded her to emphasize the fact that it was a family business.

Outside, Cookie ignored the telepromoters, and told them who she really was. She informed them that she and Lucious had become good at business as they had been successful hustlers while they were starting Empire in the garage of their home in West Philadelphia. She then told the investors that everything Lucious touched turned into platinum, and emphasized the devotion of her sons in the company. Andre was the brilliant Chief Financial Officer of the company  while Jamal and Hakeem were proof of the talent that Lucious had. She told them that the company was going to be passed from generation to generation. Inside, Lucious clapped and smiled at Cookie’s honest and impressive speech. He then discovered that his voice had come back again, and told Anika that it was because of his sickness.

Afterwards, Schiller told him that he was impressed with Cookie and Empire, which meant a lot to Lucious. Afterwards, he kissed Anika goodbye. She went on an overnight flight to Chicago to deal with some of the company’s financial matters.

Back at the Lyon house, Jamal handed his daughter to Cookie for a while,. It was before Lucious instructed their maid, Anita, to take her upstairs so that she could go to bed. However, it seemed like everyone loved her, and that Jamal was slowly warming up to his daughter.

Lucious then informed Jamal, Andre, Rhonda, Cookie and Hakeem that he had ALS, and that it was fatal. He then told them that the reason why he was going public, and the reason why he had been pushing them so hard was because of this, and that going public was his legacy for them. Because of this, Hakeem got angry at Andre who was slowly getting upset. Andre then punched his hand with his fist, and shouted at Rhonda when she tried to calm him down. She then apologized to Lucious as Andre had stormed out, and went to look for him. Lucious then pulled Hakeem and Jamal aside, and told them to be strong. He told them to leave him alone with their mother for a while as she wasn’t taking this so well.

Rhonda finally found Andre in the shower, with the water running, she then entered, slapped him to get him to focus on her. She comforted him by telling him not to worry and by telling him that he would get everything that he had worked hard for.

Meanwhile, Lucious gave Cookie some wine, and the two danced and smiled to a song that he had recorded. She then told him that she had always loved that particular song, and Lucious told her that the song was about her. She then told him that she couldn’t lose him again. The two of them admitted that they both loved each other, until now. Afterwards, the two kissed, and Cookie was giddy with happiness as the two slept together. However, they didn’t know that Anika had come home early, and as she was about to go into the bedroom, she saw them. As she didn’t know what to do, she just walked away.

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