Empire Recap: The Lyon’s Roar

By Kitin Miranda | 3 years ago
Empire Recap: The Lyon’s Roar

“Empire” Season 1, Episode 8 ”The Lyon’s Roar” aired last Wednesday, Feb. 25, 2015 at 9:00 PM on FOX. In this episode,the entire family, minus Andre Lyon (Trai Byers) worked together to cut a family album, documentary and concert. However, things became more complicated after Lucious Lyon (Terrence Howard) wouldn’t give up Anika (Grace Gealey), and after Jamal Lyon (Jessie Smollett) came out in public during the White Party. The family then became even more fractured after Lucious refused to make Andre the interim CEO of the company. Read on to learn more about this episode.

The episode began with a flashback, in which Cookie Lyon (Taraji P. Henson) bid goodbye to all of them before the judge announced her verdict. Lucious Lyon (Terrence Howard) then sang his song “You’re So Beautiful” for her before she went in.

In the present, the next morning, after the two of them reunited, Cookie told Lucious to get rid of his fiancé, Anika Calhoun, (Grace Calhoun) so that they could finally be together, especially since she had big plans for the entire family. She suggested that they have a “Legacy” concert, album and documentary so that they could cut a family album. He then promised her that he would get rid of Anika, and suggested that they sing his most famous song- “You’re so Beautiful”.

Jamal (Jessie Smollet) then met up with his brother, Hakeem (Byrshere Gray) in a church, where Hakeem prayed to God to cure his father.

The two then agreed to put aside their differences to make Lucious happy, and Jamal promised to not come out before their father died, and promised to do it for him, if Hakeem promised to do it for Cookie.

At the studio, the entire family happily sang together without Andre (Trai Byers), who watched them from the corner. Afterwards, Lucious hired a director named Ryan Morgan (Eka Darville) to do the Legacy documentary and to document the White Party. After that, Anika Calhoun (Grace Gealey) came in, and told him that she knew that he and Cookie had slept together, and that she knew that her father had committed fraud in order to give him a clean bill of health for the Keyman Policy for the IPO. He then apologized to her, and promised her that it wouldn’t happen again, and told her that they were going to get married next weekend after the White Party, and that they would announce it soon. Cookie looked on.

Meanwhile, Andre and Vernon Turner (Malik Yoba) pushed their plans even further along the line, as Vernon suggested that he be interim CEO, just in case anything happened to Lucious. He then told Andre that he just needed one more vote to seal the deal. Later on, at home, he encouraged Rhonda (Kaitlin Doubleday) to sleep with Mrs. Janet Blakely, as she liked blonde women aside from her husband.

In the studio, Lucious told Ryan to stop filming after Hakeem got mad at Cookie for giving him unsolicited advice regarding the song. Lucious then decided that the two should try to work together since they would have to do it anyway when he was gone, and asked Hakeem to tell his mother why he was mad at her. Hakeem then told her that he felt that she loved Jamal more than him, and that she had forgotten about him while she was in prison. However, she told him that it seemed that way because she knew Jamal better, and Hakeem promised to get to know her more.

Meanwhile, after Ryan filmed Jamal’s take on the family song, and about his father, Ryan, asked him out for some drinks that Saturday. Jamal agreed to go out with him, and warned him not to come out to his father. However, Ryan surprised him as he didn’t care at all what Lucious would do to him.

At the sound room, Lucious kissed Cookie, and the two happily slept together.

While this happened, Andre and Rhonda went over to the Blakeleys. However, before going in, Andre told his wife, that there was going to be a change of plans as Mr. Blakely liked blondes as well. However, Rhonda was surprised to discover that Mr. Blakeley was old and wheelchair bound, and threw up after he tried to hit on her on the dining table. On the way home, Andre told Rhonda that everything was alright as he was able to get Carl Johnson, another board member on board. At this, Rhonda sarcastically asked if he wanted her to sleep with him as well, and told Andre to “man up”, and to not make her sleep around all the time for once.

Meanwhile, Camilla (Naomi Campbell) surprised Hakeem by giving him a white blazer for the White Party, and told him that he should go last in the song instead of Jamal. He then surprised her by telling her that he didn’t need to call her his mother anymore, and told her that he was bringing her to the White Party.

The next day, Hakeem and Cookie came to work arm in arm, much to the delight of Cookie. He then asked her to put him last on the song, and she told him that she would ask Lucious and Jamal if that could be done.

As it was a Saturday, Jamal went out with Ryan, who told him that he shouldn’t be ashamed of what and who he was, and that instead of doing it for himself, he should do it for his daughter. Later, at the Lyon mansion, he taught his daughter the song that Lucious used to sing to him when he was a kid.

The next day, during the board meeting, Vernon, Andre and Cookie were all shocked to discover that Lucious had voted against Andre becoming the interim CEO just in case anything happened to him.

At the White Party, Cookie tried to talk to Jamal in order to get Hakeem to be last in the song, so that their newfound relationship would keep going strong, but Jamal refused and decided to quit the family album, as he felt like he had been tricked by Hakeem.

After Cookie decided, to avoid more fights, that Lucious should go last, Jamal realized that his parents were hooking up again and warned her that nothing good will happen if she loved Lucious again because he was “incapable of loving” others. At that moment, she saw Lucious escorting Anika to a party, and announced to the world that she was going to make a major announcement at the end of the party. Cookie, who realized that it would be the wedding announcement, confronted Lucious who told her that he and Anika were getting married the next weekend.

Because of this, Cookie found Anika, congratulated her, and told her that she and Lucious had slept together after he had promised her that they would never sleep with each other again.

Meanwhile, Rhonda tried to get Andre to stop drinking, but as he refused, she left him. Later, after confronting Vernon, who informed him that Lucious suspected them of plotting behind his back. Cookie, on the other hand, confronted Camilla, and told her son that she didn’t approve of Camilla, and told her to enjoy having Hakeem while it lasted.

A little bit later, Lucious convinced Jamal that he should continue doing the family song because they should celebrate God’s gift to them, and that he should tell his “truth” through his music. Jamal then sang his own arrangement of “You’re So Beautiful”, in which he changed a part of the lyrics in order to come out publicly. The entire crowd cheered for him, but all Lucious could think about was the time when a young Jamal had tried to come out, dressed in his mother’s heels.

The next day, Lucious told Andre and Vernon off for plotting behind his back, and told Andre that he would never leave the company to him because he couldn’t trust him as he had brought a white woman into their house. He then told him that he was going to give the company to someone who loved the family and not to someone who wanted to tear everything down. Andre got upset, and went to the sound room, and tried to kill himself inside the booth. However, the gun wasn’t loaded, and afterwards, he cried out loud.

Meanwhile, Hakeem went to Jamal and apologized and told him that he was influenced by Camilla. He then told him that he respected Jamal for what he did and called him the bravest person he knew.

Meanwhile, Anika threw away her engagement ring, and decided to meet up with Billy Beretti instead of meeting Lucious at the wedding planner’s office. He asked Cookie whether she had said anything to Anika. She denied and told Lucious that nothing had changed as nobody really cared what Jamal’s sexual orientation was. He then called it a disgrace, and told her that him sleeping with her was a moment of weakness. She then told him that her sons were the only good things that came from him. Afterwards, he told her that he was cancelling the entire Legacy project.

After he left, she looked at a picture of her family, and she remembered that she had taped the same picture to the wall in her prison cell, where she sang “You’re So Beautiful” to herself to help comfort her.

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