Empire Recap: The Devil Quotes Scripture

By Kitin Miranda | 3 years ago
Empire Recap: The Devil Quotes Scripture
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Empire” Season 1 Episode 3 “The Devil Quotes Scripture” aired last Wednesday, Jan. 21, 2015, at 9:00 p.m. on FOX. In this episode, the entire family attended Bunkie’s (Antoine McKay) funeral, and Lucious Lyon (Terrence Howard) instructed his eldest son, Andre (Trai Byers), to do everything he could to find out how the investigation towards Bunkie’s death was going by using every means possible. Anika (Grace Gealey) almost caught Cookie Lyon (Taraji P. Henson) talking to the FBI after she hired a private detective to follow her around. Meanwhile, it was revealed who the FBI were after. Cookie reached out to an old friend-genius songwriter Dwayne Robinson, also known as “Puma” (Cuba Gooding Jr.), in order to help her write a song for Jamal (Jessie Smollett). After he performed during a family dinner, Lucious’ insulting words pushed Jamal to do something that he hadn’t thought of doing before. Read on to learn more about this episode.

At the beginning of the episode, Anika (Grace Gealey) oversaw the shooting of Tiana’s (Serayah) music video with Veronica, who was singing as Tianna’s back up. Lucious Lyon (Terrence Howard) then came to watch, and noticed that his youngest son, Hakeem (Bryshere Gray) seemed to be enamored by Tianna. However, the shoot was interrupted after Veronica got annoyed as she claimed that Tianna pushed her on purpose. Her cousin and manager tried to work things out and threatened Lucious, which led him to be fired and beat up by Lucious himself. His ex-wife, Cookie Lyon (Taraji P. Henson) then came in. She wondered why he had not told her anything yet with regards to the funeral arrangements for her cousin Bunkie’s (Antonie McKay) funeral. However, he reassured her that he had something “special” planned. As she left, he told her that she actually looked good that day.

Back in his office, his eldest son, Andre (Trai Byers), interrupted him to inform him that Kid FoFo. He is the rapper that Empire Entertainment Enterprises had dropped recently was now signed up with another company. What he did not like was that a man named Berretti made it seem like FoFo got poached from them. He didn’t like the fact that Berretti was controlling the story.

Afterward, he met Detective Walker (Damon Gupton) in his office. He  was told that they had a possible witness to Bunkie’s murder. Because of this, he told Andre to pull a few strings with his “contact at City Hall,” in order to find out before the police did the possible witness.

Meanwhile, Cookie and her assistant, Porsha (Ta’Rhonda Jones) auditioned possible songwriters for Jamal (Jessie Smollett). Andre then suggested that she meet up with the Yorgensens. They were outside the conference room, and had penned at least “four hits” the previous year. However, she was interrupted by Anika, who told them that Cookie was just visiting from prison. Jamal then came and confronted his mother about getting a songwriter for him, as he wrote his own songs. However, Cookie reminded him that she was a good producer. She knew that every great singer actually sang songs written by someone else, and what they needed was a top hit. There is a possibility that they can beat Hakeem’s popularity due to his number at the opening of Leviticus.

Anika then surprised Lucious by telling him that she had hired a private detective to follow Cookie around. The private detective showed them pictures that showed Cookie meeting up with a woman, whom he believed to be an FBI agent.

He then confronted Cookie at the funeral parlor and asked if she had snitched on him to the “Feds” so that she could get out early. However, she denied it. Outside, she confronted her sister, Carol, about it.  It was because the only one whom she had talked about her deal with the FBI with was her. Carol then reminded her about a songwriter named “Puma,” who used to write hit singles back in the day. Because of this, Cookie told her to find his number for her.

At the funeral, Lucious told everyone that Bunkie meant a lot to their family and that Bunkie had always been there for them. He also said that he felt partly responsible for Bunkie’s death. It was because he did not help him out when Bunkie told him that he needed help. Lucious then remembered how Bunkie had always watched out for them, especially during their days as drug dealers, and remembered how he had killed him.

Later that day, at City Hall, Andre persuaded Deputy Mayor Alvarez to help him out regarding the investigation of Bunkie’s death. Later that night, he learned that the witness was just a harmless homeless old man, who was not credible at all. However, Detective Walker, who had met the witness, believed that despite the old man’s babbling, he knew something and wanted to tell him something.

At home, Lucious became troubled after some cramps kicked his leg. It was something that the doctor said wouldn’t happen yet. Anika then showed him some tabloid pictures of Tianna and Hakeem. It led Lucious to remark that he wanted to “keep them together,” and planned a family dinner to “welcome her into the family”.

The next day, Cookie met up with Agent Carter (Neale Gordon).  He told her that Lucious was compromising their five-year investigation on a man named Frank Gaddiss. So that Lucious would believe that Cookie wasn’t “snitching” on him, she met Agent Carter in the conference room and introduced her as her “parole officer.” After Lucious had left, Carter gave her Puma’s address. Afterward, Lucious invited Cookie to the family dinner.

Cookie then went over to Puma’s (Cuba Gooding Jr.) horse farm, where it was plain to see that he still liked her. He was reluctant to help at first, but decided to send her a song that he had written a long time ago. While playing it for Jamal, she remembered how she tried to get Lucious to play it, but he wasn’t able to really make anything out of it, as he was jealous that the song, “Up All Night.” It is a song about unrequited love, was meant for her. However, she always felt like it was a solid song, and she realized that it would be, after hearing the Jamal play and sing it for her. She then invited him and Michael (Rafael de la Fuente) to the dinner.

Later that night, Detective Walker, after hearing the homeless old man quoting the Old Testament, about Daniel in Lion’s Den, realized that the “lion” he may be referring to was Lucious. The old man then confirmed that it was Lucious he had seen after being shown a picture of him.

During the dinner, Cookie sat in Anika’s chair and insisted that they say grace. she ended with asking Jesus to forgive people like Anika, who “hired skanks to spy” on her. After dinner, she insisted that Jamal play “Up All Night” for them, which he did. Lucious recognized the song and became a little bit worried. He knew that Jamal had talent. However, after saying that he was impressed by the fact that it sounded like a hit, he told Jamal that he would be a good “arranger.” He told Anika that it would be good for John Legend’s new album, because, as it turned out, he owned the song. Jamal then told him that he knew that Lucious could never make it work, and asked his father how it felt to have a “girl” prove that it could be done. He then told his father that he was washed up and that he, Jamal, was him, “only on steroids.”

Before Cookie left the house, she confronted Anika, and she noticed that Lucious was shaking, and trying to open a bottle of medicine. She then told him that she knew that something was wrong with him and that he was afraid of it, and hiding it from all of them. She then warned him that he would never be able to hide anything from her.

Lucious then went to Jamal’s apartment to talk to him, and told him that he needed to toughen up. However, Jamal told him that he had been insulted by what he had said earlier. He knew that he had been beaten up by his father ever since he was a young child in order to “toughen him up.” Lucious then added insult to injury by saying that he didn’t “bring any women in this world,” and that he could never understand him. Jamal then said that regardless of anything, he would always hate him for who he really was, and told him that his “obedience was not for sale” any longer, and told Lucious to take back his money, and the song. He then decided that they would move out, and outside, while waiting for a taxi to pick them up, he told Michael that because of that, he would go to “his Empire” and that he would take it away from his father.

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