Empire’s Early Renewal and an Interview with the Boss

By Kitin Miranda | 3 years ago
Empire’s Early Renewal and an Interview with the Boss
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FOX has announced that their new freshman drama, “Empire,” which currently has two episodes under its belt, has been renewed for a second season. Not only that, TV Line was able to interview showrunner Ilene Chaiken about what else is in store for the music mogul Lyon family. Read on to learn more about this scoop.

“Empire” centers on the Lyon family, whose patriarch, Lucious Lyon (Terrence Howard), pits his three sons — Andre (Trai Byers), Jamal (Trai Byers) and Hakeem (Bryshere Gray) — against each other as they contend to become the successor of their his successful music company — Empire Entertainment Enterprises. However, the family drama ensues after Cookie Lyon (Taraji P. Henson), Lucious’ ex-wife, returns, fresh from a 17-year stint in jail. Aside from quotable lines, the show is rounded off with musical numbers.

According to TV Line, FOX recently announced, during the Television Critics Association press tour, that the show, which actually tied with ABC’s drama “How to Get Away With Murder” as television’s No. 1 debut, would be renewed for a second season, so early in the game.

TV Line also managed to interview showrunner Ilene Chaiken to discuss what the new second season order means for them and what more to expect from the television show.

Chaiken shared that they were pretty amazed at the reception and the high ratings that the show produced in its first two episodes. Moreover, one thing that contributed to this was the fact that audiences were now ready for the level of diversity that the show brings. Regarding the pacing of the storyline, Chaiken mentioned that they are grateful for the chance to pay off all the things that they are setting up, and they are hoping to continue to keep up the quality that the creators and the executive producers have started.

With regards to comparisons to soap operas such as “Dynasty,” especially as creator Lee Daniels has called it the “black Dynasty,” Chaiken said that “Empire” definitely brings a whole new level of authenticity and has qualities that its precursors did not have.

As for the Lyon family, Chaiken shared that the viewers will learn more about Cookie’s deal with the FBI in the upcoming episodes and that Jamal’s storyline regarding him coming out of the closet is essential for the show. However, she goes on to add that Lucious was right about being cautious about Jamal coming out, as it will definitely have an effect on his career.

With regards to Andre, while it seems like he and his wife, Rhonda (Kaitlin Doubleday), are the villains of the show, they actually have the best and most loving relationship in thr show.

Jamal, on the other hand, is unexpectedly tougher and more cunning than he thinks he is, and that among all of them, he is the one who can tolerate pain.

Hakeem, despite the fact that he may appear to be a spoiled and self-entitled brat, is a real artist and has an intuitive intelligence that surprises everyone,and gets him to places that he least expects.

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Photo Source: Wikimedia Commons/Fox Broadcasting Company/20th Century Fox Television


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