‘End Of The Tour’ Movie Trailer Released; Jason Segel Cast As David Foster Wallace [WATCH VIDEO]

By Anshul Hardikar | 3 years ago
‘End Of The Tour’ Movie Trailer Released; Jason Segel Cast As David Foster Wallace [WATCH  VIDEO]

“End of the tour” is the upcoming movie that depicts the life of David Foster Wallace, an American author responsible for writing some of the best novels, short stories ever known. The movie, which was quite awaited, gives an account of the troubled author and his exploits. It has Jason Segel playing the title role and Jesse Eisenberg as David Lipsky who at one point of time travelled with the author for five straight days for an interview but unfortunately the interview never saw the light of the day.

According to The Business Insider, the movie has Jason Segel in a never before seen avatar, something that will come across as a revelation. Also the movie, which was being labeled as a biopic, is not really one but it’s more of a record and a personal, meditative examination of the troubled author. Jesse Eisenberg who plays Mr. Lipsky plays the role of Rolling Stone reporter whose interview could not be published but it was later turned into a memoir on which the movie is based on.

The five-day tour that David Lipsky took with Mr. Wallace, it was during the publicity of his last book tour for the author’s book “Infinite Jest.” In the movie’s trailer when they show the five days both the author and reporter spent together they talk about everything they are passionate about from the author’s feeling of being lonely to him loving the movie “Die Hard.” Tagged as his career best, Jason Segel really delivers with this movie. The way he has shown how his character does not have a care in the world about who he is, how loved and famous he is, is simply impeccable.

Audiences will certainly hope to see the author’s obsession of his image in the public and his struggle with depression for the last 20 years as once his father stated he had been battling. The unfortunate end the author met still is remembered for he was one of the most intelligent minds people had seen.

Watch the “End of the tour” movie trailer below:

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