‘Entourage’ Hater Raises More Than $10,000 To See Film For Charity

By Anshul Hardikar | 3 years ago
‘Entourage’ Hater Raises More Than $10,000 To See Film For Charity

It was earlier reported that Bob’s Burgers writer Wendy Molyneux Drake had thrown a unique challenge that involved her doing what she would never do and that was watch the one movie, “Entourage” which she hated. In order to make things more interesting or perhaps worse for her, she threw in a challenge by starting a GoFundMeCampaign where she asked people to help her raise $10,000 all for charity that would be donated to CureSearch, an organisation she supports.

According to Yahoo! Movies, the writer ended up accumulating the amount in just one day as notable donors from everywhere found her intention and the cause itself very noble and helped her raise the amount. According to reports, the writer has collected enough movie to go and see the movie more than once. Looking at the response, she has now promised to see the movie once for every $10,000 she collects. Celebrities such as Megan Mullally, Nick Offerman, Eric Stonestreet, Christina Applegate, Eugene Mirman and Jerry Ferrara who plays the role of Turtle in the TV series himself donated to the cause.

On the other hand Bustle tagged the cause as commendable but also suggested that the cause even after looking noble somehow contributed to the publicity of the film and ended up pulling audience’s attention towards it. They also drew a scenario where the writer after having watched the movie more than once might just become an admirer of it because of the commitment she has made to watch the movie for every $10K she collects. As of now the campaign has already collected $23000, which means the above case, could become a reality from a mere possibility.

This idea seems a bit far-fetched because Miss Wendy has already made it clear about her thoughts regarding the movie and she might just watch the movie for the sake of it, which is reluctantly and that too for a good cause. Whatever the case be, whether the cause add fuel to the fire or it provided publicity, a good cause was served and that is what really matters.

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