‘Entourage’ Movie: Celebrity Cameos

By Anshul Hardikar | 3 years ago
‘Entourage’ Movie: Celebrity Cameos

It is probably the only series that has managed to achieve the impossible. Everyone from Matt Damon to Mark Wahlberg, from James Cameron to Mark Cuban has made a short appearance in the TV series during its run. Now with this movie, makers decided to continue the legacy and executive producer Mark Wahlberg decided to call in some favours for the lead character Vincent Chase that is loosely based on him.

According to Yahoo! Movies, “Entourage,” which released recently has indeed kept the sanctity of the series for what it was known – Cameos from popular Hollywood stars. Everyone from actors, directors, producers, writers have more or less featured in the movie and for some of those who didn’t find an indirect mention in the series. The movie promised to take the “Entourage” content to another level and they indeed have delivered and how!

For everyone who has seen the movie, reviews have been mixed but people can’t help but notice how many stars have featured in the movie with almost each one of them having a unique scene for them. In the movie celebrities like Warren Buffet, Liam Neeson, Armie Hammer, Jessica Alba, Jon Favreau, Ed O’Neill, Mark Cuban, T.I, Piers Morgan, Ronda Rousey, Bob Saget, Mark Wahlberg amongst others have been featured and give the movie the real “Hollywood” feel. Some celebrities though haven’t really portrayed the actual version of themselves but a bit different one.

The reason why we say that is because Armie Hammer in one scene can be seen lightly advising/cautioning Vincent Chase to stay away from his ex-girlfriend Emily Ratajkowski when in real life the actor is hitched to Elizabeth Chambers. Another interesting scene is when Johnny Drama, Vincent’s good for nothing elder brother can be seen pleading Jon Favreau to let him audition for a part in Iron Man 4 and on the other hand Jessica Alba can be seen complaining to Ari about green lighting her project which is again quite hilarious as Ari Gold has with this movie taken on the role of a Studio head, a job he was offered by John Ellis (fictional Chairman & CEO) of a magnanimous studio asking to replace him when he was vacationing in Italy with wife in the series finale.

Ari as usual adds to the comic and panic element in the movie, as Mark forthrightly addresses his concern about Ari’s capability to run a studio. For all the fans of the series, the film will prove to be a treat, for others it might not. But its still worth a watch at least once.

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