‘Entourage’ Movie: The Boys are Back [WATCH TRAILER]

By Marie delos Santos | 3 years ago
‘Entourage’ Movie: The Boys are Back [WATCH TRAILER]
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The boys are back after a four-year hiatus and now, they are taking their spotlight into the big screen with “Entourage” movie. Take a glimpse at the first trailer and some details about the movie. Read on to learn more about this scoop.

After a four-year hiatus on television, “Entourage” is back with the boys taking on a mission to score dates with female wrestlers and Vince directing his own film.

Whenever fans hear “Entourage,” there is no doubt that Vince, E, Turtle, Ari Gold, and Drama are the ones that come into mind. Aside from the drinks, super cars and bikini-clad ladies, that is.

Many fans were heartbroken when the TV series came into an end in 2011, but now they are back with an all-new mission: To help Vincent Chase (Adrien Grenier) become a successful director.

According to Business Insider, “Entourage” movie will revolve around the boys trying to figure out their way around the messy but fun life in Hollywood.

Debi Mazar will be reprising her role as Shauna. Speaking to ABC News, Mazar revealed that she will be keeping her hands full the entire movie, thanks to the boys and their naughty antics.

Mazar described her role as “the person who’s handling the drama, handling the stress, trying to control the media.”

Mazar also revealed that things will not be as smooth for Vince when he tries to get his hands behind the camera. She said that Vince’s movie will exceed the budget, which leads him to seek for help from the gang.

“The guys are involved… so it gets heated,” she remarked.

Well it is definitely not a surprise that when Vince and the gang are involved, there is bound to be some kind of mess out there, but what kind of antics do the boys have in hand to help Vince solve his budget crisis?

While Mazar did not say much, she admitted that she missed being back on set with the rest of the cast from “Entourage.” She likened the feeling of breaking up when the TV series ended four years ago.

“Entourage” premieres on June 5.

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Photo Source: Facebook/Entourage

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