‘Entourage’ Movie Update: Cast Experience ‘Conflicts’ Over Contract Negotiations, Delays Film

By Acsilyn Miyazaki | 3 years ago
‘Entourage’ Movie Update: Cast Experience ‘Conflicts’ Over Contract Negotiations, Delays Film

The ride is indeed not over after a poster for the highly anticipated “Entourage” movie has been released. The film was originally an HBO series before execs decided to turn it into a film. Now the audience has been left thinking if the movie would really continue the ride. Let’s find out! Read on for more details.

The movie scheduled, to be released on June 3, 2015, has changed a lot of Hollywood business culture into TV soaps. It has already been 10 years or so since “Entourage” took over. According to The New York Times, the series turned movie would be reminding everyone of an era when YouTube was seen to be for amateurs, the dominance of the movie business and, of course, an era when DVD sales were once a cash cow.

Currently, everything seemed to be dominated by social media and sports have already snatched a big part of the glitter in the industry, continued the report. It also added that the good old days when top talent agencies were freewheeling on talents have now disappeared largely. Two of the biggest talent shops, including Creative Artists Agency and William Morris Endeavor, have now become a subsidiary of private equity firms that focused on the bottom line.

“Entourage” series and movie creator/director Douglas Ellin admitted that it has been harder now. Meanwhile, Time Warner, HBO’s sister company, have been trying to figure out whether or not there would be enough guile for the comeback of the show turned movie.

The cast for the upcoming film “Entourage” includes Adrian Grenier who would be bringing back Vincent Chase, a character loosely inspired by real-life actor Mark Wahlberg. Wahlberg also reclaims his post as executive producer of the movie. Jeremy Piven also joins the cast as the power agent Ari Gold.

The film was also reported to have incurred delays, said Entertainment Weekly. This was after Warner Bros. and the cast experienced conflict over contract negotiations. However, rapport started flowing back as soon as the cameras started rolling.

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