Avatar 2 Update: Rearrangement Of Roles, Miles Quaritch To Be Central Plot?

By Ancy John | 2 hours ago
Avatar 2 Update: Rearrangement Of Roles, Miles Quaritch To Be Central Plot?

Avatar 2 quiet possibly could earn the title of being the most anticipated movie. Since the first installment Avatar was out, fans have been waiting for update of the sequel. Director James Cameron has remained tight lipped about the development of the movie.


Various rumors are doing the round including release date and character arrangements in Avatar 2. The latest rumor doing the rounds is that of a sudden reshuffling of various roles. There could be a change in central focus of the sequel as well.


Avatar 2 Central Plot

Miles Quaritch could possibly turn to be the central character in Avatar 2. The plot of Avatar revolved around Jake and Neytiri. The story for the sequel could show the rescue mission for Jake and Neytiri, Master Herald reported.

Avatar 2 will still in some way revolve around the Na’vi clan members. Cameron had mentioned in earlier interviews that the character of Miles could be explored upon and made more interesting. It will be refreshing to see the story revolve around him as the sequel will get a fitting change.


Avatar 2 will highlight a prison theme complete with special effects which is quintessential to the franchise. Fans are waiting to see the new elements that will be brought in. Avatar set such a high standard and went to garner a cult status that the sequel to that undoubtedly has a lot of expectations heaped upon it.

Release Date?

Though plot rumors keep surfacing, the information that most want about the movie is its release date. The release of the movie seems far from being in the near future. The production for the movie is in progress. The initial release date was set at 2017 but it got pushed to December 2018.


James Cameron took the decision to push the release of Avatar 2 to avoid a box office clash with Star Wars: Episode 8 which will be released in 2017. Though Avatar cashed in more money than Star Wars at the global box office, Cameron wanted to avoid putting the collection of other franchise in jeopardy.

Another reason for delay that has been talked about is the logistics regarding production of the movie. Cameron wanted to spend more time to flesh out the script to make sure that he starts a ‘truly massive cinematic process’.

Avatar 2 will be followed by three other sequels that are set to release in 2020, 2022 and 2023 respectively. The filmmaker has ascertained that each sequel will carry its own identity.

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