‘The Equalizer 2’ Possibility in the Works

By Rochelle Paula Carino | 3 years ago
‘The Equalizer 2’ Possibility in the Works

For the love of every movie that produces a sequel, we got to learn when to expect a lot when box office stars are contemplating on breaking their nonsequel movie streak. “Training Day’s” winning duo actor Denzel Washington and director Antoine are in the process of accepting Sony’s pitching of making a sequel for their latest creative tandem — “The Equalizer 2.” Read on to know more about the details of this scoop.

Even before “The Equalizer” hit theaters last Sept. 26, 2014, Sony was already contemplating on the possibility of having a sequel. Perhaps, the whole reason behind such pitching is due to the film adaptation being fervently based on the 1980s TV show that bore similar title. Delving into that thought, the movie could presumably just tackle a few points from the 88-episode series, highly indicating that it couldn’t tackle everything which brings out a promising turnout of a franchise. Now that the movie is opened worldwide, Box Office Mojo showed it has the current overall gross of an estimated $54.9 million,  having $37.1 million of it in the U.S. market alone and $ 17.8 coming from the international. This is such a positive outcome for the movie that definitely supports the creation of a sequel. Question now is: How shall “The Equalizer 2” come into actuality now that the numbers are presented?

Cinema Blend’s Sean O’Connell was engaged in an interview with “The Equalizer” helmsman Antoine Fuqua and tackled how much the film showed utter promise and how much they tackled the possibility of it having a second installment.

“We have talked about it a lot. Myself, the studio and Denzel. Everybody wants to… We’re all adults, we know. Let the audience decide, and we’ll roll with the results. If all goes well, I’ll definitely be back. I would love to do it again. I think there is a lot of room, and a lot of story left to tell in the life of Robert McCall. It could be a lot of fun,” said Fuqua via Cinema Blend.

If it happens that there will truly be a “The Equalizer 2,” such franchise will be the first for the actor-director duo considering the fact that they’ve separated their previous movie engagements from installment-related projects all these years. The director then expressed his sentiments on why he is willing to finally deviate from such arrangement for this film. He explained about developing Denzel’s character, going deeper.

The what, how and why questions are being answered by the film’s positive turnouts and backed by the positivity of the film’s serving helmsman Fuqua, but the question when remains uncertain. Sony is set on backing up the creation of the sequel, so it should be a matter of time before they will truly assemble (or reassemble) a production for the installment project.

That concludes our scoop regarding the possibility of having “The Equalizer 2” project. Keep tabs on Movie News Guide (MNG) for more updates in the entertainment world.

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