Ethan Hawke in The Purge

By admin | 5 years ago

The Purge featuresthan Hawke as James Sandin, a security systems salesman. It takes place in the year 2022. In between today and then, the New Founding Fathers have managed to eradicate crime and dropped the unemployment rate to just 1 percent. Crime is legal just a night per year. This is the premise of the movie.

During this night, which is known as the Purge, the boyfriend of Sandin’s daughter (Adelaide Kane) goes into their mansion. At the same time, Sandin’s son (Max Burkholder) lets I a homeless man looking for protection.

But this allows a band of bandits to enter the mansion. As soon as they are in the house, Sandin goes into action as he tries to protect his family from the bad guys.

The Purge is written and directed by James DeMonaco. He brings up several points but forgets about them, such as the reason why Sandin’s son record his heart rate each hour or why the father and son look like waiters. There are several moral issues that are tackled in the movie but none of them are resolved.

Ethan Hawke has been in several good thrillers in the past but unfortunately, The Purge is not one of them. He is believable as the nervous father wanting to protect his family. But the other characters, such as the leader of the bandits and their rich neighbors, are bad that you want to purge them out of the movie.

While the premise is interesting, the movie is not suspenseful enough. The dialogues are bad right from the start. The characters make stupid decisions all throughout the movie. They also change their opinions all the time. Don’t get me started with the ending. It feels like DeMonaco just gave up and can’t think of a way to end the movie in a decent manner.

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