Ethan Hawke Is a First Person Shooter in ‘Good Kill’ [WATCH VIDEO]

By Rochelle Paula Carino | 3 years ago
Ethan Hawke Is a First Person Shooter in ‘Good Kill’ [WATCH VIDEO]

Ethan Hawke stars in an action, drama flick deprived of the adrenalin in the battlefield. He takes on the literal sense of First Person Shooter in “Good Kill.” Continue reading for further details to this preview.

Movies tackling the life of a military man that are taken from the front lines have always been what’s keeping the adrenalin of the audiences spiking in the theater as they grace to see the film. The recent successes of films like Jeremy Renner’s “The Hurt Locker,” Mark Wahlberg’s “The Lone Survivor” and the latest spectacle of Clint Eastwood’s helming duties, “The American Sniper,” with star Bradley Cooper. All three films have the similar guns a blazing and life in the face of danger kind of feels. However, in Ethan Hawke’s new action, drama movie he takes the lives of his enemies like he was taking a life from a video game. In “Good Kill,” he controls drones in a base camp in the desert without facing the enemy themselves.

According to Deadline, Hawke will take on the role of  an US Air Force drone pilot Tommy Egan. It was said that Egan “spends his days blasting targets halfway around the world from a Las Vegas air base before heading home to his family.” After his career ended, he started arguing with his wife (played by January Jones). Aside from that, he “numbs his boredom, rage and guilt with booze. Eventually, his ability to follow orders reaches a breaking point.”

Looking at the trailer of the film, it does feel a bit short on the adrenalin rush that spikes compared to the chaos the front lines experience in battle. However, instead of the film focusing on the war at hand, it now focuses on the man who is deprived of feeling the fear and adrenalin that leads him to question the effectiveness of their tactics. It feels too cowardly, per se.

With this internal confrontation at hand, Ethan Hawke could depict a shade of prowess in his acting career in this medium. “Good Kill” hits the UK theaters on April 10, 2015.

That concludes our preview of Ethan Hawke’s “Good Kill.” Continue to visit Movie News Guide (MNG) for more updates on upcoming movies.

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