Europa Report a Sci-Fi Found Footage Flick

By admin | 4 years ago

Europa ReportEuropa Report is a science fiction movie that utilizes found footage technique. It is a story of an exploratory mission to Jupiter’s moon Europa that goes horribly wrong. The crew members are there to find out whether life exists on other planets.

The story has been told a lot of times in the past but the team of director Sebastian Cordero and screenwriter Philip Gelatt manages to come out with a low budget movie that elicits interest from the audience.

At the start, viewers learn that the Europa mission got into a disaster 19 months after it lifted off. The rest of the movie is composed of flashbacks via a rediscovered film recorded by the crew. The story is told via the video footage taken from several cameras inside the spacecraft.

Most of the shots are taken inside the ship, with a few shots outside. The special effects department did a fine job of designing the icy surfaces of Europa. But the best part of Europa Report is the interiors of the ship. Director Cordero uses split-screen techniques masterfully to sustain the movie’s energy all throughout.

Europa Report is a monster flick. Crew members are dispatched one by one to explore Europa. The monster is not seen and kept in the dark by the filmmaker. It feels like it is influenced by Apollo 18, which is another found footage, sci-fi monster flick.

Europa Report has an notable international cast that includes Swedish actor Michael Nyqvist, Chinese action star Daniel Wu, Romanian actress Anamaria Marinca, and South African actor Sharlto Copley. All of them give out excellent performances. One of the highlights of the movie is Copley saying goodbye to his family. It features a shot of the actor drifting away from the ship.

Europa Report asks the question about humankind’s place in the universe. It also delivers thrills at the same time.

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