Everybody Has a Plan but No Story

By admin | 6 years ago

Everybody Has a PlanEverybody Has a Plan is a very boring movie that features Viggo Mortensen playing two roles. He is Agustin, a pediatrician based in Buenos Aires who is tired of his marriage and work but the reasons are no clear. He is also Pedro, Agustin’s twin brother. He is diagnosed with terminal cancer and asks Agustin to put him out of his misery. Agustin decides to take Pedro’s place after killing his brother.

After bailing out of his wife (Soledad Villamil) and job, Agustin poses as Pedro and tries his hand at beekeeping. He is threatened by gangsters who are looking for Pedro’s missing partner in crime. He also cozies up with his brother’s 20 year old assistant, played by Sofia Gala.

Writer-director Ana Piterberg comes up with paper-thin characters and tries hard to stretch a short story into a two hour movie. She attempts to use the bees as metaphor for people but fails miserably in doing so. Daniel Fanego’s character, who is the villain in the movie, is underwritten and his weak screen presence doesn’t help the movie.

Mortensen gives a convincing performance as the twins but it can sometimes difficult to tell who among the brothers he is playing. He is comfortable with the Spanish language and is not an issue in the movie. Villamil and Gala are good supporting actresses.

Everybody Has a Plan had great potential but it suffered from weak directing and screenplay. It is slow-paced and scattered all over the place. There are lots of loose ends and leaves people confused and irritated. The story didn’t include enough background on why the characters are the way they are and left it to viewers to piece things up. This makes the movie tedious to watch. This is a perfect example of an unremarkable viewing experience.

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