Everything We Know About MARVEL and Netflix’s ‘Luke Cage’

By Kitin Miranda | 2 years ago
Everything We Know About MARVEL and Netflix’s ‘Luke Cage’
Jessica Jones

On Nov. 20, 2015, Netflix and MARVEL finally released all the episodes of “Jessica Jones”, the second in a series of shows about the individuals who will one day come together and unite to become a team named “The Defenders”. This, of course, began with the release of “Daredevil” on Netflix in April of this year. Thanks to the fact that the next Defender on the list, Luke Cage, portrayed by Mike Colter, appeared in “Jessica Jones,” given the fact that they will one day get married to each other, fans of Cage and of the ongoing MARVEL and Netflix shows now can’t wait for Luke Cage’s own series to be released. In anticipation of this, Movie News Guide (MNG) has come up with a list of what is known so far regarding the series. (This, of course, will be updated as more information comes in). WARNING: This article may contain the spoiler for Netflix and MARVEL’s “Jessica Jones”. Read on to learn more about what to expect in the upcoming “Luke Cage” series.


Luke Cage (Mike Colter) or Power Man has finally landed in the MARVEL Cinematic Universe, as he guest starred in several of the episodes of Netflix and MARVEL’s “Jessica Jones.” It is not such a surprise given the fact that the two are destined to get married one day, as it has been written in the MARVEL comics universe.


Fans of the character were able to get an interesting glimpse into the man who will be having his own series after “Jessica Jones,” and thanks to that, the anticipation and excitement for his series is at an all-time high.

In line with this, Movie News Guide (MNG), has compiled a list, that will be updated as more information comes, regarding what fans and viewers should expect in the upcoming “Luke Cage” series.

  1. According to Cinema Blend, the story will be set in Harlem, and will take place just months after the events of “Jessica Jones”. This of course, will allow the series to be in continuity with the rest of the “Defenders” universe, and the setting, Harlem, according to Screen Rant, is his true home.
  2. According to Cheat Sheet and Cinema Blend, one of Cage’s biggest allies, who was also present in the comics, Misty Knight, who will be portrayed by Simone Missick, will be featured in the series.
  3. Actor Frank Whaley, according to Cinema Blend, will be portraying Detective Rafael Scarfe, Misty Knight’s police detective partner, and will be featured heavily in the series.
  4. Claire Temple, more popularly known as the Night Nurse, who was portrayed by Rosario Dawson in “Daredevil”, will be appearing in the series. Cinema Blend pointed out that Claire will be the character that will most probably be the character that will bind the individual shows together. So far, she has appeared in “Daredevil”, and in “Jessica Jones”. Cheat Sheet and Screen Rant also mentioned that Cage and Claire also had a relationship at one point or another.
  5. “Shades” Alvarez, a rival, according to Cinema Blend and Cheat Sheet, of Cage’s will be appearing in the series, and will be portrayed by actor Theo Rossi.
  6. According to Cinema Blend and Cheat Sheet, Black Mariah, who will be portrayed by Alfre Woodard, a villain for both Cage and Danny Ran’s Iron Fist, will be appearing as well throughout the series.
  7. Cage will also be encountering the villain Cornell “Cottonmouth” Stokes, who, will be portrayed by Mahershala Ali, in the course of the series, as a Harlem nightclub owner.
  8. Cinema Blend and Cheat Sheet also have speculated that Willis Styrker or Diamondback, an old friend of Cage’s who ends up betraying him, will be one of the main villains of the series. However, not much yet is known about this character and as to who might portray him.

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