Everything or Nothing Movie Review

By admin | 6 years ago

Everything or Nothing Movie ReviewStevan Riley celebrates the five decades of 007 movies with his documentary Everything or Nothing. It follows the character’s evolution from Ian Fleming’s troubled soul to the present day Daniel Craig character.

Everything or Nothing takes the viewers behind the scenes of every bond movie ever made. It will be showed at film fests and on Epix. In the United Kingdom, Sony will show it on the big screens. Riley doesn’t focus on the cultural impact of James Bond. Riley features some of the actors who supported Bond throughout the years, including Judi Dench as the current M.

Riley focuses on the family and friends of the three men who he views are important to the Bond universe. They are Fleming, and series producers Cubby Broccoli and Harry Saltzman. There are people who complained that the children of Saltzman and Broccoli could have been less prominent in the documentary so that other Bond participants were featured, such as composer John Barry and other cast members of earlier Bond movies.

The men who played Bond are featured in Everything or Nothing except for Sean Connery, who had a falling out with the producers. This fact is well documented in the movie but he is not interviewed. The actors who followed Connery are entertaining and people will sympathize with each of them.

George Lazenby recalls how the role got in his head. Timothy Dalton said that he is a victim of bad timing and corporate cowardice. Roger Moore apologizes for the brutishness he made in portraying the character. Pierce Brosnan admits that he can only remember GoldenEye.

Everything or Nothing is edited by Claire Ferguson. She uses clips from the movies to illustrate the off-screen drama. The one story that has a narrative pull is the campaign by producer Kevin McClory in claiming James Bonds as his own.

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