Everything You Need to Know about Doctor Who Series 9 [Watch Trailer]

By April Lara | 2 years ago
Everything You Need to Know about Doctor Who Series 9 [Watch Trailer]
Doctor Who Photo source: Doctor Who Facebook

There is so much to know about your favorite upcoming TV shows and movies in Comic-Con 2015 and we just have the juiciest details about “Doctor Who!” As soon as Peter Capaldi, the current Doctor along with co-star Jenna Coleman and Michelle Gomez entered the panel, the crowd cheered deafeningly. Along the trio is show runner Steven Moffat.

The BBC fantasy series “Doctor Who” will also introduce a new cast member this season 9, “Game of Thrones” star Maisie Williams. Finally, we were able to know when the show will premiere, which is slated on September 19, 2015 on BBC America.

“Doctor Who” also released its first ever trailer that you can watch below:

This year’s SDCC marks as Capaldi’s first time to attend the panel and most of the fans have been waiting for hours outside the hall just to see the famous Doctor in the flesh. “I’ve never been in front of 7,000 people before in my life. I can’t hear them all, though, properly. All those years in pantomime,” he said.

Moderator Chris Hardwick asked Capaldi what’s the Doctor like, “He’s a laugh, he’s great-looking. We live in a world where everyone’s so easy and everything’s so accessible, and the Doctor’s mysterious! He’s a Time Lord, not a ‘guy.’ But if he was a guy, he’d have my face and he’d be really nice,” Capaldi answered.

“Doctor Who” Series 9 will have a two-part finale and it is described by director Rachel Tally as “one of the most complicated and different episodes that I’ve ever done… it just has my head in spaghetti.”

Capaldi also said that the Doctor this upcoming season will have more adventures and he’s in pursuit of happiness. However, the Doctor is running from something that even the Doctor himself doesn’t understand. The search for more adventures also applies to the Doctor’s partner, Coleman’s Clara.

It is also noted that “Doctor Who” Series 9 will provide Whovians with an epic twist and a photo of the Doctor in front of The Tardis also revealed that “the photo shows the Doctor about to make a mistake that has cataclysmic repercussions…” Oops!

Doctor Who Photo source: Entertainment WeeklyApril Lara | Movie News Guide
Doctor Who Photo source: Entertainment Weekly

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Photo source: Doctor Who Facebook

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