Rachel McAdams New Drama: Everything You Need To Know About ‘Spotlight’

By Nilankur Dutta | 2 years ago
Rachel McAdams New Drama: Everything You Need To Know About ‘Spotlight’

We cannot stop looking at Rachel McAdams, and now it’d seem, her co-stars can’t either. The new poster for her upcoming movie, “Spotlight,” has the entire cast looking straight at her in seemingly the same boundless admiration that we do. Read on to find out more.

The 36-year-old Canadian actress is subject to much admiration for her incredible acting chops as much as her hellenic beauty. And collectively Liev Schreiber, Michael Keaton, Brian d’Arcy James and Mark Ruffalo would agree, as they look at her in poster for the upcoming drama, “Spotlight.”

Revolving around the team of investigative reporters known as Spotlight working for The Boston Globe, the movie is set to follow their exploits as the blow the whistle on the Massachusetts Catholic Church Sex Abuse Scandal. This is the report that brought the issue of Catholic Church’s priests abuse of minors into the national consciousness. The Globe won the Pulitzer for public service with their report in 2003, “for its courageous, comprehensive coverage … an effort that pierced secrecy, stirred local, national and international reaction and produced changes in the Roman Catholic Church.”

Come November, you will be able to follow the fictionalized version of the reportings by the intrepid reports, portrayed by a stellar cast that also includes Stanley Tucci and Billy Crudup in addition to the ones mentioned above. McAdams herself plays the role to Globe reporter Sasha Pfeiffer. The film has already been optioned to be shown at the Venice International Film Festival as well as the Toronto International Film Festival, so we absolutely cannot wait.

“Spotlight” opens in theaters on Nov 6, 2015 and is being directed by Thomas McCarthy (“The Wire”).

In a lighter vein, Rachel McAdams was also in the news recently when she said she wanted a “flexible man,” as Movie News Guide reported.

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