Evidence of Existence Looks for Its Place in the World

By admin | 4 years ago

Evidence of ExistenceEvidence of Existence begins with two people talking about how they can create a miracle on a video cam. They have the video camera but the making a miracle part is where they are having a hard time and everything goes wrong. The movie feels like an amateur YouTube video.

Evidence of Existence is said to be a multi-narrative. It is a couple of short clips that are linked together. After the scene showing the two actors trying to make it big, comes the henchman who doubts what he is doing. Then there’s the director who doesn’t have time for his fans and reporters. Last we have a man who is afraid of going out of his house.

Even though they are different characters, they sound the same. It is as if each character is given the same voice. The dialogues are supposed to make viewers think about life and philosophies but the opposite occurs. The movie becomes tedious to watch.

The filmmaker tries to make a movie with smart ideas to impress the audiences by linking two unlike ideas together. It doesn’t work well. The performances from the cast don’t help make the movie better. They deliver their dialogues in a monotone manner. They try to show what they want to convey via words and not through their acting.

The editing of Evidence of Existence is a bit dirty. The filter used in the movie is something that the filmmakers could have improved on. Most of the time, the visuals are dull and could use some contrast. The colors blend with each other that most of the images on screen combine into one.

Evidence of Existence is a pretentious movie that is boring. The filmmakers show some potential but it is best to avoid watching this one. Hopefully their next one will be much better.

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