Evidence Showing ‘X Factor’ UK 2015 ‘Fixed’ 4th Impact, Reggie ‘n Bollie, Others’ Place Revealed?

By Martin Suan | 2 years ago

Viewers have gone wild as they managed to catch a certain Twitter post that seemed to prove that “The X Factor” UK 2015 is rigged. Does this mean that the producers robbed 4th Impact, Reggie ‘n Bollie, Che Chesterman, and other contestants the place they deserve?

Two days before Louisa Johnson’s victory, many have caught a post on the 17-year-old contestant’s official Twitter account that declared her to be the show’s winner.

The post reportedly stated, “X Factor-winner Louisa Johnson’s new single is out now! Get the winner’s single ‘Forever Young’ on iTunes now.”

Notice the word “winner”?

After learning that they have let the cat out of the bag, people behind Johnson’s account immediately removed it. However, it was already too late as 66 people have retweeted it and 105 users liked it; thereby, spreading early the good news.

Does this mean the producers ignored the actual votes and “fixed” 4th Impact, Lauren Murray, Che Chesterman, and others’ spot throughout the singing competition?

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According to Johnson’s spokesperson, the post was just a “glitch” and not an evidence or confirmation of the show being “fixed.”

“This is a Twitter advert for the single – not a tweet posted by Louisa. It posts on certain people’s timelines – it was sent out last night post show – but the wrong time was posted as an error,” the spokesperson told The Sun.

It was said despite the explanation of a “system error,” the evidence was “hard to ignore.” There were previous instances that seemed to show that Johnson was given much preference than the rest of the contestants.

Back when the competitors vied for their place in the Live Shows, viewers have noticed Johnson wearing two different shoes as she approached Rita Ora, 25, during the Judges’ Houses performance, The Sun reported.

This led to a rumor that said she may have been given a second chance at her performance while 4th Impact, Lauren Murray, Che Chesterman, and others only had one chance.

“#XFactor how is Louisa able to wear 2 different pairs of shoes crossing the garden #XFactorJudgesHouse? Continuity or 2 attempts?” @FleuryB reportedly asked.

An “X Factor” source admitted there was a swap of Louisa Johnson’s shoes, however, she was not given a second chance nor there was given any preferential advantage.

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Photo source: Facebook|“The X Factor”

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